Biggie* 1:43am, 5 January 2007
It's in the Serramonte Mall (in Daly City), where the old Good Guys store used to be. I went last week -- they've got all kinds of cheap bento gear: baran (dividers), paper cups, little picks and flags for bento, and cheap bento boxes (including those polka dot boxes) -- will post photos of my loot soon. Everything is $1.50 unless otherwise marked. Cool articles here and here
luigiwu 15 years ago
OMG! Lamascus, I can't wait to see your haul! :-)

Is anyone going to check this out (and will be willing to pick up some stuff for me too? Pretty please with cheese on top?)

KJF916 15 years ago
Woohoo! Good news!

And yes, LuigiWu, no problem. I'll let you know when I head over, and if anyone hasn't beat me to it, I'll help you out.
cchen7 15 years ago
Lamacus, wow just saw your loot photos!! Wish Daiso would open a store in NYC area!
OMBF / Obiwan Bento Posted 15 years ago. Edited by OMBF / Obiwan Bento (member) 15 years ago
Kate, Lamascus - would it be good logistics to include Daiso in our February 9 bento spree?

(I just checked it out at Google Maps and answer, "probably not.")
amanky Posted 15 years ago. Edited by amanky (member) 15 years ago
great heads up... too bad I'm in the boonies!

(any possibility you'ld take pity on a fellow flickr-ite/bento newbie and share the love... shop&mail on our behalf?)
Biggie* 15 years ago
virago7> A comment on Yelp had a Daiso clerk mentioning that they would be opening up stores in Fremont, Sunnyvale, and San Jose in 3 to 4 months -- I wonder if this marks a big expansion that'd have them going into other states as well...

ombf> Not good logistics per se, but I'd put Daiso above Ichiban Kan right now for cheap bento gear. Depends on what you want to get. Japantown for high-quality boxes, Daiso for cheap accessories and boxes, Kamei for all other Asian gear.
KJF916 15 years ago
Yep, thought the same thing, doesn't work out well logistically. I'm heading to Daiso for sure, your photo tour was fun, Lamascus. It may be that our Feb outing takings on a different purpose!
OMBF / Obiwan Bento 15 years ago
Well, lamascus, I'm of two minds right now. I'd like one or two relatively high-end bento boxes, but I'd also like to get a couple tiny boxes for breakfast bento, and some less expensive stuff for resale.

amanky and Luigi, send me a flickrmail with a list and I'll get what I can.
luigiwu 15 years ago
Lamascus, saw your haul pics. I especially LOVE the 3-tier bento . I can't get enough of the actual bento BOXES! Do you remember if it came in any other colors? Do you remember any other bento-box designs? I've heard they have the polka-dot ones in various colors including brown?

one more bento fan, you're awesome! Do you know when you might go? Hopefully I can gather up some more info about what's available. I'm really interested mostly in the boxes over anything else. :-)

Virago7, I also *wish* a Daiso would open up in NYC!!! There used to be a 99cents Japanese store called "Samuari99" but that closed soon after it opened. Boo!
OMBF / Obiwan Bento 15 years ago
Luigi, no idea where I'll go or what will be available. Howzabout you prepare a Japantown (posh) list and a Daiso (cheap but varied) list.
Celladoor 15 years ago
Man, wish I didn't live so far away. *sniff*
OMBF / Obiwan Bento 15 years ago
Samurai, send me a list :)
simple apparatus [deleted] 15 years ago
Oooo. They're getting closer to my neck of the woods. YAY! I might have to move my bay trip from Mid-November to August since I'm an impatient person, even if it means missing the Pigeon Point lighting for yet another year. Oh well.. Mitsuwa currently is the best/closest bento stuff store to me and that's in San Diego and even their selection wasn't all that good. I'll have to check out the 'haul' shots. hehehe.
cchen7 15 years ago
Luigi, I also used to go to Samurai99 and now go to the one across the street in Chinatown. Sometimes the PicuPicu stores has a few bento items - but nothing as cute as Daiso.
luigiwu Posted 15 years ago. Edited by luigiwu (member) 15 years ago
Virago, DISH!
Is there a different 99cent store across the streetfrom the old Samurai99 location - (Grand St??) ? What do they have? There was a Samurai99 out in Queens (where I live) but unfortunately I was not into bentos then. What did you use to find at Samurai99 when they were open???

I've never heard of PicuPicu either! Please elaborate!
cchen7 15 years ago
Luigi - I went to Grand St and took
some pics
of the store.

As far as I know, Picu Picu has a store on Fulton St and another on 32nd. Both are more Korean than Japanese, but they do have some kitchenware items that are useful in bentos.
luigiwu Posted 15 years ago. Edited by luigiwu (member) 15 years ago
Virago, thank you soo much for the pictures! The Twin 99 store look right up my alley! I'm gonna try and stop by tomorrow!!! They look like they have molds and everything too!! Did you buy anything at the store today? :-)

Does Picu Picu have molds and sauce containers too? Where exactly on 32nd street is it? I've googled and looked in yellow pages and am pulling up nada for this store name... thanks!
Biggie* Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Biggie* (member) 15 years ago
LuigiWu> The three-tier bento also came in orange, and both colors came in one- and two-tier styles as well (plus in smaller side dish containers). They had polka dot boxes in two- and three-tier styles, in at least blue and pink (search all around the store: I saw matching polka dot chopstick cases in with chopsticks, and kinchaku by the accessories). Plus a LOT of other bento box styles that I haven't seen photos of before (average price: about $3). Look all over -- they have one big bento accessory section with most things (esp. the Ciao brand line -- lots of cute sauce containers, reusable plastic food cups in shapes, dividers, etc.), another plastic container section with the three-tier boxes, an end showcase by the accessories with many more boxes, and a whole separate section for rice molds (including cute shapes like girl/boy/bear faces, etc.). I still haven't posted all of my loot photos -- soon. EDIT: here's someone else's bento post on LiveJournal with their Daiso photos --
simple apparatus [deleted] Posted 15 years ago. Edited by simple apparatus (member) 15 years ago
Wow! Great stuff. I'm needing to pick up some reusable plastic food cups big time. Mitsuwa didn't have any that I saw. Oh waaa! I wish I were heading to the bay area sooner than the end of the summer. hahahaha. Now I think I'll have to change it to the beginning of summer. hehehehe.
Krebstar5 15 years ago
Drat! Are they ever going to open more stores on the east coast? I can't seem to find their new store plans on their website. All I have is a tiny Japanese grocery near me and they don't carry dividers or picks.
cchen7 15 years ago
Luigi - you're quite welcome for the pics! I didn't get anything because a) the shop owner wasn't pleased with me taking photos and b) my boyfriend didn't feel like waiting for me to shop! :)

Picu Picu is more hit or miss than Twin 99, but it does tend to have more kawaii stuff like Hello Kitty bento boxes. It's on 32nd between 5th and Broadway, on the south side of the street. I think the front of the store is now a cellphone shop with the back as houseware/kitchenware. Sorry - I don't read Korean so I can't tell ya what the storefront says!
stressedoutmamax3 15 years ago
Oh maaaan... why are all the really cool places on the penninsula?
lalalady 15 years ago
Bring Daiso to the east coase esp NYC! we are waiting with open arms =)
charlie_leone 15 years ago
you are so lucky! i am in toronto canada and no one try to open a daiso store here, all i can do is to look at all the pictures on this site and admire how cute and nice looking the bento boxes are!
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