simple apparatus [deleted] 2:53pm, 8 January 2007
Hey everyone. Do any of y'all know of any places that sell Bento supplies in the Los Angeles area. I did a numbers crunch and until I pay off my car, I can't afford a trip to the Bay area to check out Daiso (and other things, too. hehehe). But since LA is within driving distance, I can go there but I don't know of good places to shop for bento supplies. I'm mostly looking for the plastic reusable cups, some neat food picks, and maybe the odd-shapped paper cups. Any info would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
stressedoutmamax3 15 years ago
Check Marukai. I know they have locations in Little Tokyo, West Covina and Gardena.
simple apparatus [deleted] 15 years ago
Cool. Thanks!
Lovelyliza 15 years ago
Also check out Mitsuwa. Not as cheap as the $1.50 Marukai 98 Cent Plus prices but they have some really cute sets. Also, the Marukai location in Little Tokyo is really small and does not have any the last time I looked but a lot of the small shops there will have boxes. The Marukai 98 Cent Plus store in Torrance has an amazing selection of bento boxes and supplies for really cheap.
simple apparatus [deleted] 15 years ago
OOOOOO. Thanks for the tips!
ysetiawa 15 years ago
I used to live in LA. You guys have big Japanese community there. I love Marukai in Torrance, also one in Costa Mesa.
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