xistar0808 9:36pm, 17 January 2007
I wonder how to clean this little thing.
amanky 15 years ago
if I really wanted to do so... I'd fill & empty it with hot water... much as I might fill it with the sauce of choice.

ftr: I see no reason to clean it out if I stick to the same sauce per bottle!
luigiwu 15 years ago
Same thing as amanky but fill and empty a couple of times with soapy water and then clean water. :-)
OMBF / Obiwan Bento 15 years ago
Yes, and use hot water if you had vinaigrette in that little bottle.
♫ bunnychan εїз 15 years ago
I am doing the same, fill again and and again with hot water, until you see it clean, never use soap
the same is for the little pump thing sometimes you receive with some bottles to better put liquid inside ^^
outstanding vessel [deleted] 15 years ago
I always just wash mine at the same time as I'm washing dishes - just fill and empty it with the soapy water a few times, then with plain water a few times. I put them on a towel to dry.
KJF916 15 years ago
This is going to make me sound really anal, and I swear I'm *not* but I have lots of containers and things with lids and there are so many nooks and crannies on lids, rims, bento boxes, fishie bottles, and other things, that I have a little device in my kitchen sink area. It's a battered old WaterPic. That thing gets a fine jet of water and after we put a new one in the bathroom, I stuck the old one in the kitchen. Fill it up with hot water and it gets all the nooks and crannies, fishe bottles, sauce bottles, lids of jars, rims on tupperware containers you name it. It's like a Super Turbo Car Wash for your plastics.
amanky 15 years ago
great idea Kate: too bad we all don't have "an old one' lying around... then again I don't have a new one, either!

xistar0808 15 years ago
Thank you everyone!!!
Now I can use my sauce container~! lol
The fish container was much smaller than I thought and it is very cute.
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