Leia511 9:52pm, 22 January 2007
I'd love to try some Furikake on my rice dishes.... I don't have an Asian food store near me, is there any other place to buy it?

Also- what kind of flavors are there and which do you like?
OMBF / Obiwan Bento 15 years ago
Some of the eBay bento sellers also stock accessories and furikake. There are also a number of Asian grocers online.

The most popular/widely available is nori furikake - which has little shreds of dried green seaweed in it - wonderful with tuna-n-mayo and other savories. There's also egg furikake (dried egg) and shiso furikake (shiso or "beefsteak plant" or "Japanese basil", which is a beautiful dark purple and has a lovely aromatic herbal minty basil-y flavor). Most traditional, according to Wikipedia, is dried fish - bonito or salmon.

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amanky 15 years ago
I'll have to keep away from shiso.... I'm not a mint fan at all!
nadja.robot 15 years ago
You can sometimes get it at natural food stores too, or a really large and well stocked Safeway type place might have it.
atomic rose 15 years ago
I get mine at the health food store, but I would definitely take a look in your supermarket/grocery store. I was completely shocked the last time I went shopping: our little tiny Hannaford in the middle of nowhere carries nori! So you just never know.

I usually get the nori furikake - nori shreds, sesame seeds, dried vegetables crushed to grains, and sea salt. Basic and very, very good. I know the bonito one is more traditional, but I can't bring myself to eat it!
Aylanah 15 years ago
I got mine from Whole Foods. It's called Eden Shake and contains: brown and black sesame seeds, green nori flakes and dried pickled red shiso (beefsteak) leaves. Very yummy!!
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