luigiwu 3:20am, 7 March 2007
The lid to my new clear bentos ( comes with dividers from the Container Store) has been stained a slight tint of orange/red thanks to a lunch of Amy's Organic Cheese Raviolis. Boooooo.... I can't help but not love it as much any more... LMAO! I'm thinking of using some clorox on it... yes, I'm crazy...

Now, I've been lemming the Leaflet Tight bentos but the pure whiteness of the divider/containers makes my heart jump a little out of fear... Does anyone have issues with this bento staining?

Has anyone had ANY issues with ANY of their bento boxes staining in general?
cchen7 15 years ago
I too have the clear/white Container Store bentos and have had some staining issues (the curse of tomato sauce!) and was thinking of using those Mr Clean Magic Erasers on it! I tried that trick with a tea/coffee stained mug and it worked. I just made sure to rinse/clean it thoroughly before drinking from it.
BentoTV 15 years ago
When I first started using bentos, I was told by a local bento seller never to put tomato sauce inside a bento box without an inner divider cup. Some bento boxes actually carry a warning in Japanese against putting foods like tomatos or lemons inside.

The best way to protect your bento box is to always use a Japanese inner divider cup with plastic lining. There are even microwavable plastic lined disposable cups you can get for your bento box. Either way, plastic lined disposable divider cups are a good investment to protect your bentos and keep them looking new.
OMBF / Obiwan Bento 15 years ago
Virago7, I've been wiping out coffee/tea stains on glazed earthenware mugs by wiping them gently with Soft Scrub - a nonabrasive cleanser which contains bleach.

I haven't had any trouble with tomato sauce stains so far - but I appreciate the tip, Ms. BentoTV. I think the reason I haven't had any trouble is that I don't zap my bento until it's *hot* - only enough to take the chill off, say about 20-30 seconds.
Morgaine Swann 15 years ago
You should never put tomatoes or lemon in a plastic container for any length of time. Not only will it stain, it causes the plastic to leak chemicals into the food. Don't use aluminum foil with them either.

I'd consider a paper divider for anything containing tomato sauce. It might get a little messy, but it will ultimately be safer.

As long as the container is white, soaking it in clorox or Iron Out might work. Just be sure to wash it very, very thoroughly when you're done because they're toxic.
malinmaskros 15 years ago
I tried soaking my stained bentos in lemonjuice and water, and it worked perfectly - and no toxins!
Jenny323 15 years ago
I have the Leaflet Tight box and have never had any problems with staining - I've had juicy blueberries, tomatoes, pasta. I've microwaved the dividers, but never for more than a minute or so.

I do have a slight stain on a cream bento box lid from cheddar cheese of all things - I never thought that would be a problem. I haven't tried much to get it off yet, so not sure if it is a permanent stain or not.
Krebstar5 15 years ago
Cascade makes a product called Plastic Booster. It is meant to be used as a additive in your dishwasher to boost the detergent to work better on plastic. As I do not have a dish washer, I find it really useful in getting tomtato sauce stains out of my tupperware. I just fill the container with water and add a little of the booster. I put the lid on and shake it up and then let it sit for a bit. Later I'll wash it out and it is usually a lot better. I also like to use it for some of my sauce containers.
Biggie* 15 years ago
Ooh, nice tip Krebstar5! I'll look for Plastic Booster next time I'm at the store.
cchen7 15 years ago
Thanks for the tip, One More Bento Fan. I've used Bon Ami non-abrasive scrub on mugs before too but felt it took too many rinses to clean up.
sanna82 15 years ago
Oh I had a tomatosauce staining in my pink box too! I thought it was the microwave but good to know that it wasn't! Doesn't look bad in the pink box but still, it IS annoying. :( Time to get a new box maybe. hahhahah!
Morgaine Swann 15 years ago
@Jenny said: "I do have a slight stain on a cream bento box lid from cheddar cheese of all things - I never thought that would be a problem. I haven't tried much to get it off yet, so not sure if it is a permanent stain or not. "

A lot of cheddar cheeses have artificial or natural colors added to get that yellow color. I have a bad reaction to some of them so I try to avoid anything orange.

Try lemon juice on it. That's usually pretty good at removing stains.
chiisai_bara 15 years ago
I am absolutely afraid of staining my precious bento box as well. Like virago7 says, it's the curse of the tomato sauce. I find that japanese curry tends to stain too. I've tried lemon juice but that doesn't seem to work. :(
kevlarturtle 15 years ago
One of my plastic lids is stained from tomato sauce - the box is black inside, but with a white, soft plastic inner lid. I've started cutting a small piece of waxed paper to lay over the top of foods that I think might stain the lid, or are otherwise really messy. I think I'll try lemon juice on it!
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