LolaGeek 3:00pm, 30 March 2007
I've noticed that among different eBay sellers listing the same box, some say it's microwave safe while others don't. For example, Tokyo Gift says this box is not microwave safe, while Nagomi Inc. says it is. Who should I believe?
smoochas 15 years ago
I don't know but I really want that bento too! Perhaps ask to see where it says it is microsave safe (like a picture and have someone translate it?)
Collectonian 15 years ago
Several bento boxes are microwavable with the lids removed, however JList has a similar box and they also have it marked as non-microwavable.

As smoochas noted, you may want to email both sellers to confirm their listings (since some big sellers use templates and might forget to change something)
sacredyuja 15 years ago
I have this box - and I microwave it all the time [lids removed] on 1/2 power and its fine.
Jenny323 15 years ago
I want the exact same box! I err on the side of caution and don't microwave any of my boxes.
ilynne 15 years ago
Honestly, with my 12 bento boxes, I still want those little pyrex containers with the steam vent on the lid "for those days when I want a hot lunch." But I don't let myself buy them, because I have learned that I am just not going to bother to nuke my food. I like it room-temperature now.
Zeynep A. 15 years ago
I have the same box in red and asked a friend to translate the information on the label. She said no microwave or dishwasher, so I decided to play it safe.
LolaGeek 15 years ago
Thanks everyone - I guess better safe than sorry when it comes to the microwave :o)
smoochas Posted 15 years ago. Edited by smoochas (member) 15 years ago
I am really sad to hear this bento box is not microwave-safe. This was the top lemming on my list. Boo! I know the chances of me using this if I do purchase it will be less because I pack all my bentos the night before and I give 'em a quick zap before taking them to work and eating them at room temperature. whaaaaaaa! I loved this bento box!

Does anyone know of a rectangular bento that comes with the same 2-different types of dividers and IS MICROWAVE-SAFE??
Robyn the slug 15 years ago
It's kind-of both... The inner containers are often safe, the lids are often not. It depends I guess. Sometimes it says on the bottom!
OMBF / Obiwan Bento 15 years ago
I microwave any bento I own, if it's holding something that tastes better warm ...

but only for thirty seconds, maximum, and never with the lid on!

When I was first packing bento, I would deliberately segregate my meals into a "hot tray" and a "cold tray" so I'd only have to zap one.
LolaGeek 15 years ago
Smoochas, I actually just bought that box anyway :o) I've found myself packing all cold foods lately (especially now that summer is coming), so I don't think microwaving will be a problem. If I do need to heat something, I could always take it out and microwave it on a plate. I at first wanted this type of box because of the dividers, but I ended up getting a couple other boxes first and have ended up really liking cupcake cups and other little things as dividers - it's a really flexible system.

One More Bento Fan, I also try to split my food like that to put all the things that need to be heated together in one section of the box.
FrenchBento 15 years ago
i have a box like that. It's not microwave-friendly. i nuke it all the time, thouggh, but it's a little warped now and is hard to stack the two tiers and/ or lid.
so, if you want to keep it longer, i guess no microwave
curly string [deleted] 15 years ago
There are a few different ways to describe something as "microwave safe." The three questions I can think of are: "Will it melt?" "Will it get too hot and break apart?" and, "Will any chemicals move from the plastic into my food?"

All are good questions. According to the FDA, "microwave safe" means that a plastic product has been tested to make sure that if any chemicals move from the plastic into your food during heating that they are ridiculously miniscule amounts. Plastics that aren't labeled "microwave safe" in that sense aren't necessarily usually means that they're untested, and sometimes means that more chemicals than the FDA would like can be trasferred during cooking.

How to tell if something will overheat? What you're looking for is whether the pigment or material in the bento has been made with any metals...I have some plastic bowls that look and feel like plastic, but obviously have some kind of metal in them because they get scorching hot if I microwave them. There is a pretty good way to test for this (without the lids, natch.) Place the container you want to test in the microwave, and heat it for 1 minute (that's the recommended time, but I usually chicken out and first test it for a shorter length of time). I've also tried this with water in the container, but it's not necessary. After the time is up, touch the container. If it's cool to the touch, you can probably cook in the microwave with it! If it's a little warm, it should be safe for re-heating. If it's pretty warm or even hot, then don't use it!

And lastly, will it melt? Probably not, if it's any kind of thickness. The kinds of containers that melt are very thin, like old yoghurt, Cool Whip, or margarine tubs. Use the temperature test...if it doesn't warm up, it probably won't melt on you.

Sorry for the lengthy post! I hope this is helpful.
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