mlouise007 1:42am, 9 April 2007
Went to see beautiful film on Thursday, "Into Great Silence", about the Grand Chartreuse Monastery in the French Alps. Imagine my surprise when the monks were eating from 3 tier or 4 tier stainless steel tiffin boxes in their cells and out in the garden etc :-)
KJF916 15 years ago
I'm really looking forward to seeing that film, as well. i'll watch for the Tiffins.
FrenchBento 15 years ago
it used to be every working stiff's accessory in France (and elsewhere i guess). Take-away lunch, multiples tiers, and often insulated.
I used to sort of collect them in flea markets. threw everything away. DUH!
ya, im looking for tiffins here in Houston....
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