for Joke! 12:56pm, 16 April 2007
I was lost in thought today at work and kind of nuked my bento box in the microwave (bad!) for way too long (very bad!) WITH the lids on (VERY very bad!!!).

Result: the lids for my bento shrunk and warped

Result: hot tears :(

I love(d) my green cat Femmio Valentino bento box. You all know the one I am talking about right? I loved it because the size was perfect and everything matched.

I forget where i bought it last year though. Any idea where i can get myself a new one??
Bébe Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Bébe (member) 15 years ago
Hi For Joke!
I'm so sorry for yours Bentou Box, but perhaps I know where you can look for one new!

Lately I don't buy anymore on Ebay {the prices are very expensive and often happen mistakes} , but I supply me on the "Rika's Garden". {}
Rika has also found me rare Bentou and accessories.

Your Green Neko {cat in japanese} is rather common!
Try to write her, perhaps she will find it for you!

The address is this:

Good Luck!!! (^____^ )v
mamichan 15 years ago
Sad :(

I've had that happen to my bento lids too. One is now dented but still works, the others I had to trash.

FYI to all -- although you can micro bento boxes, always remove lids, and youmay want to microwave it at a lower heat setting than the standard normal setting. On a Japanese micro, the highest heat level is about the same as 2/3 full power on an American micro.
Collectonian 15 years ago
*hugs* that's what happened to my first bento set. I nuked it with the lids on and they warped and I had to replace it. :-(
for Joke! 15 years ago
Besides bebe's rika lead - does anyone else know where i can get the femmio valentino set again??

and yes, definitely lesson learned - no lids in the microwave!!!!
Robyn the slug 15 years ago

Here's a thread about one.
They said they found it at Daiso! If you're near the bay area there is one there. There are also people on flickr who hit up daiso pretty regularly. Maybe you could work out a deal with one of them to look for you if you can't get there.
(Biggie told me about Daiso originally
Pavlina20 15 years ago
I melted on of my lids the same way. It is very sad.
chiisai_bara 15 years ago
Yup, Daiso's the place to go. My co-worker has the exact same green FV bento. I've got the red bunny.
Sakurako Kitsa 15 years ago
Whenever I pack anything I need to microwave, I put it in a paper cup inside the bento. When I'm packing the box to take with me, I take a small paper plate and bend it around the bottom of the bento, carrying it inside the bag or cloth with the box. When lunchtime comes, all I have to do is lift out the stuff to be heated and put it on the plate, then pop the plate into the microwave.

The result is that I haven't microwaved a bento box in years. It also means I don't have to retrain myself when I get a non-microwaveable box. True, there's more waste, but I freak out about microwaving plastic anyway so for me it's worth it. Plus, the bentos don't stain and they're much easier to clean.
so far i havent microwaved any of my bentos
i line it with plastic wrap
then transfer it to a styrofoam plate & microwave
no cleaning ^_^
for Joke! 15 years ago
Sakurako Kitsa that is a great idea.
Food, Fash, Fit 15 years ago
That green bento was too sweet - what a shame! Can't believe it came from Daiso, such a bargain. I wish they'd open a store in the UK. The Japan Centre carries Daiso products but no bento boxes. (And they charge around $4 per item too - £1.95!)
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