for Joke! 9:11am, 18 April 2007
Can I ask them to pick up the green Femmio Valentino cat bento box for me??

Obviously I will pay product price, shipping & handling (I live in Amsterdam) and a small finders fee!! :)
Lovelyliza 15 years ago
If I see it at Marukai 98 Cent Plus Market (in LA) I'll nab it for you. 15 years ago
Hi, Tomorrow I I will go to the Daiso Shop next to house for of the shopping...I have written you a FlickrMail!
Talk to you soon I hope!

for Joke! 15 years ago
Hi artgalgenius - thanks! Rika will probably send it to me, so no need to pick it up. Thank you so much for offering!!!
Robyn the slug 15 years ago
Hey, for Joke!, Glad you figured it out =)

Hope you get your new/old bento!
chiisai_bara 15 years ago
Am making a trip to Amsterdam soon and was gonna offer some help but seems you got it all sorted. :)
pointybunny 15 years ago
Is this the one you are looking for?? Its for sale in an Ebay store fairly cheap.
Lovelyliza 15 years ago
pointybunny I've seen that box for $1.50 at Marukai 98 Cent Plus. I think its the same at Daiso (no Daiso here so I wouldn't know)
pointybunny 15 years ago
LOL 1.50 hunh? shoot, hmm guess thats a nice mark up there. I think all my bento have come from ito yokado mostly.
KJF916 15 years ago
Yep, that's a Daiso $1.50 box. I've seen them come and go at Daiso, not always the green one, sometimes a blue one with a fish, but I can confirm I've seen that box for $1.50.
meowy takes photos 15 years ago
Does Daiso have a site online to shop from?
KJF916 15 years ago
They have a website, but I'm not aware there is any online ordering. I suspect this would be impractical as the stock changes so quickly. What they have one day, they won't the next, or, until the next shipment.
pointybunny 15 years ago
They have a website in Japanese where you can view their basic products, its mostly for franchising and one in English that gives basic info but neither offer online shopping.
meowy takes photos 15 years ago
awww... I'll have to check ebay out then haha
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