Jenny323 7:35pm, 19 April 2007
They look so pretty, but what do they taste like? Are they slightly sweet?
amanky 15 years ago
depends on your recipe, and ingredients used.

as with anything I make, I googled for recipes... and took the basic elements of each, and made my own version... with what I had at my access, and thought would make the best match for my taste buds!
cchen7 Posted 15 years ago. Edited by cchen7 (member) 15 years ago
Definitely depends on the tea & soy sauce you use. Traditionally it's of a lesser-quality black tea with some good soy sauce. I like mine slightly salty -- don't think I've ever had sweet tea eggs before.

Update: Forgot to mention that you can buy 'mix kits' in most Chinatown grocery stores. Just supply the eggs and water.
Food, Fash, Fit 15 years ago
I made mine from's recipe and it used cinnamon and star anise. I'm going to try doing it differently next time because it gave it a sweet musky taste my family didn't like.

One thing about the eggs is that because you have to simmer them in the water with the tea for a few hours, the outer part of the egg can go a little bit tough, which might be weird if you're not used to it. But hey, if you regularly prepare eggs for your bento box it's worth a try! (I must have used two dozen eggs for bentos this week!)
chiisai_bara 15 years ago
Think some recipes include addition of a spoonful of sugar.. or that was what my landlady said the last time (think she used star anise too.. and tea leaves of course). She did like 2 dozen of eggs at once and reboiled them every few days to "preserve" them.
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