empress1978 8:41pm, 22 April 2007
Hello, does anybody know where I can find Bento suplies in the Tampa or Orlando area. I've been looking on ebay but shipping is out of control.
pointybunny Posted 15 years ago. Edited by pointybunny (member) 15 years ago
In Orlando go to the Super Oriental Food mart, they have lots. here is directions. Its on East Colonial Drive.
There is also an anime import store in that same area that has Japanese ones. Dong A imports might have something as well.

If you want to get high end stuff and have the money, check out the Japan pavilion at Epcot, the store there is run by Mitsukoshi
Invisible Iris 15 years ago
There's a Sanrio store in the Mall at Millenia in Orlando if you want character bento boxes and accessories. Prices aren't bad.
Nick Alpin 15 years ago
This information is very useful, I'm also in the Orlando area looking for Bento supplies :) Is the Super Oriental Food mart the one with the large statues in front?
pointybunny 15 years ago
Its right next to Picadilly buffet if you know where that is, they also have tons of asian candy and snacks. I dont have time to write more but will write other options later. :D
empress1978 15 years ago
I really appreciate everybodies input. I actually just drove by that oriental market this past weekend to go get a Boba Milk Tea. I would of never thought the Hello Kitty store would sell bento stuff either...Thanks alot everybody I know what I will be doing this weekend...I hope I find some cool stuff...
pointybunny 15 years ago
Let me know how you make out, Super Oriental has a good selection of daifuku as well if you are into that.

There is a store around colonial drive area I need to find the name of, but its an Asian gift shop but one side is furniture and the other side is a cornucopia of dishes and cook ware thats wonderful. I'll have to contact a friend for the location but I bought tons of houseware there.
empress1978 15 years ago
Thanks pointybunny I will deffinately let you know what I find this weekend @ Super Oriental.

I think I know that store around Colonial that you are talking about. I drove past it the past weekend but I didn't stop because my boyfriend and I were trying to do some furniture shopping. If we are talking about the same store then if you are on Colonial heading toward I-4 in that lil' Vietnamese district it at one of the major intersections and you turn right and it will be the first store to the immediate left. I am not sure of the street you make a right on but you can't miss the store cause it looks huge from the outside. I believe the outside signage is red and is says something about Oriental restaurant supply and Gifts. That is the best directions that I can think of memory wise.
pointybunny 15 years ago
LOL I havent lived in Orlando in awhile so this is all coming out of my swiss cheese holed memory but ya, its in the little vietnamese area and it is on a street corner. It would be probably fun to investigate all those little stores around that area to see what they have. and this guy has an actual photo of the Super Oriental Food Mart. they didnt have those statues up when I lived there. I miss everything!
empress1978 15 years ago
Pointybunny I am sad to report that on Saturday I had a chance to go to that Super Oriental Market on Colonial and they did not have any bento boxes. They did however carry the plastic lunch jars but that is about it. I also asked one of the employees if they had any bento boxes and he told me that they used to carry alot of them but he dosen't know what happend to them. I will check back with them in a few weeks to see if they got any new bentos in. Thanks alot for your advice.
pointybunny 15 years ago
empress1978 aww really? they stopped carrying them! ahhh that sucks. maybe they stopped since I moved and they were sad. heh.
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