Biggie* 9:41pm, 24 April 2007
I posted an article to the Daily Tiffin parenting & lifestyle blog today (their Tiffin Tuesday column) -- it's a roundup of the various speed bento techniques I've found in Japanese bento cookbooks ("Need for Speed: A Mommy's Lunch Manifesto"). I'll be running an article there every other Tuesday, with LJ user jokergirl and DT's Meeta taking the alternate Tuesdays.

If you like my Lunch in a Box blog, you can vote for it in the Blogger's Choice Awards, where it's nominated for Best Food Blog. You can vote for multiple blogs in the same category, so you can help your fellow lunch-packers (like My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch) stand up against the vegan voting machine! ;-) (here endeth today's shameless begging)

The full article is at the Daily Tiffin and here at Lunch in a Box.
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