andugger2003 1:57am, 26 April 2007
I just bought an onigiri press and I made my first one tonight. From what I have read, you place something inside and then wrap with seaweed.

What are some of your favorite onigiri stuffings?
mamichan 15 years ago
andugger2003 -- check out this post from the livejournal bento community -- lots of onigiri filling suggestions!

My personal faves are a umeboshi/bonito flake/soy sauce mixture, mentaiko (cod roe), and salmon.
Eudocia 15 years ago
Tuna is on the top of my list. You can prepare it in a whole lot of ways, and it stores in your closet so it can be available whenever you are short on time. (furikake has the same appeal)

I still love the staples though - umeboshi and bonito. The great thing about onigiri is you can fill it with anything you like. I recently chopped some leftover grilled shrimp for a filling and it was great.
my only problem is how little filling you can put without risking breaking the onigiri apart.
my broken jasmine rice is pretty sticky enough to hold on its own, but when i try to fill it with tuna, it falls apart as im eating it.
i love tuna, furikake, and bonito as fillings.
pointybunny 15 years ago
my husband likes spam and mayonnaise, I like fried tofu.
OMBF / Obiwan Bento 15 years ago
Tuna and mayo! Or a little lump of mango chutney!
Food, Fash, Fit Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Food, Fash, Fit (member) 15 years ago
Try not to fill it up too much is the key. You want to be pretty stingy!

Apart from soy sauce soaked bonito flakes, I also like katsu chicken, chopped, which is nice. You could even mix it with some tonkatsu. Or tuna mixed with teriyaki sauce. I think tuna and mayonnaise with a bit of wasabi is a favourite but I've never tried it.

Salted grilled salmon is ace, so is egg. Egg, egg, egg! I've learned, when in doubt, use egg!
Sakurako Kitsa 15 years ago
Ok, I'm about to be ashamed of this.

Has anyone seen the Razor Ramon segment where he gets a kid to eat green peppers? I made that recipe, and I like that in onigiri, lol. Of course, my pepper didn't come out of his pants.
craftscout 15 years ago
Chopped dried cherries mixed with honey. :)
Jenny323 15 years ago
I'm definitely going to try grilled shrimp as a stuffing!

I like to mix my rice with furikake and not have a stuffing. It looks pretty and gives flavor, but you don't have to worry about an over-stuffed onigiri.
pointybunny 15 years ago
Sakurako Kitsa I love Razor Ramon, I havent seen the green peppers one though.
Majra 15 years ago
Tuna mixed with mayo and hot sauce is my favorite. I also love to stuff onigiri with leftover stir-fried Chinese dishes like beef with broccoli, or kung pao chicken.
empress1978 15 years ago
Ahi Tuna Poke, which is a Polynesian dish my Grandmother used to make. I typically use the leftovers for onigiri. Recipe as follows.

Made with the freshest raw ahi tuna, poke makes a great pupu, appetizer, for any meal.
4 cups ahi tuna, diced
1/2 cup onion, minced
1/4 cup green onion, minced
1 cup soy sauce
2 tablespoons sesame oil
3 tablespoons white truffle oil (optional)
1/2 tablespoon sambal olek*
salt and pepper to taste
Season ahi with Hawaiian salt. Add all ingredients, mix well then chill.
*Sambal olek is a hot chile pepper paste used as table condiments in China and Southeast Asia. Sambal oelek is the most common and most popular. It contains chiles, salt, vinegar and sometimes garlic and tamarind. This fiery paste gives food a powerful flavor boost.
Sakurako Kitsa 15 years ago
Pointybunny: here's a link :)
Majra 15 years ago
empress1978, tha sounds like a delicous onigiri filling! Thanks for sharing your recipe.
andugger2003 15 years ago
Wow - such great ideas! Thank you all for sharing all of your knowledge and recipes! :)
i agree!
thanx for all your ideas, especially since iM a bento / sushi nooooobie.
heehee O_o</b.
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