aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR 4:10am, 26 April 2007
Our local japanese grocery store here in Houston is pretty good with the supplies I need to make a decent bento. The two older ladies behind the counter are very helpful, especially since they found out I'm in Hitori Sensei's Japanese class.
Enihoo, I was looking for a good kind of Teriyaki sauce for my chicken & spamusubi, and when I asked one of them for help, she told me not to get the bottled variety.
I should make my own sauce because I'm kinda big...
well, she used the word "hefty" LOL ;p
I don't mind...
but, she gave me recipe of 1/2cup soy sauce, 1/4cup cooking sake, 1/4 mirin.
I'm supposed to bring it to a boil, then add splenda to taste.
Before I open the darn boatload of liquids, I wanted to ask everyone if this is okay?!?
Robyn the slug 15 years ago
Sounds good to me! I like homemade stuff better in general, but mirin and cooking sake are good to have around anyhow.
Food, Fash, Fit 15 years ago
I use a recipe for teriyaki which is quite flexible in terms of quantity, but the one you have there seems fine - it'll boil down anyway. Why specifically Splenda rather than sugar?

But as far as bottled teriyaki versus homemade, she's right! Bottled doesn't cut it. ;) - this is my recipe for chicken teriyaki. You should read through a couple of different ones to get the feel for them before cooking, maybe?

Good luck!
Invisible Iris 15 years ago
Before you make it, I'd suggest that you try splenda first if you haven't had it already. It has a weird taste to it that might not be good in teriyaki sauce.
i shall try your suggestions.
i can't wait to try homemade teriyaki sauce.
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