firepile 4:30am, 2 May 2007
At least one day a week, I'm pretty much stuck at my desk from 8am-2pm. Any other day I can usually pop over to a microwave to warm up some of my lunch if need be, but I know a lot of you use non-microwavable boxes, which means you all must have some good foods that don't need to be warmed up! I'm looking for suggestions (I get a lot just from looking at pictures, but I'd love to hear your favorites!) Thanks!
chispita_666 15 years ago
Actually, I like my food room temperature, unless I'm having steak or something like that.

Something that tastes good though it's difficult to take in a bento are creamy soups (in particular I'm thinking: pumkin, zuccini, leeks) that taste great whether warm, room temperature or cold. Right now you would it eat them at room temperature, in the Summer you make them more liquid and eat them directly from the fridge.

Rice with vedgetables (menestra style, for those that now Spanish cooking) is also good cold, as well as eggs -- poached, boiled, whatever way.
amanky 15 years ago
pasta salads...
meat & creamy cheese wraps...
meats, cheeses, crackers, olives... think appetizers

so many choices!
Food, Fash, Fit 15 years ago
Everything on my recipe site is made to be eaten cold. You really can eat most things cold and they'll be tasty with the exception of high liquid foods like curries, stews, soups, etc.
As far as I understand it, food in Japan isn't always served piping hot anyway, and lukewarm foods are pretty common. I could be wrong, though!
My favourites are gyozas, sesame-soba noodles, edamame beans, teriyaki chicken and most types of egg dishes. I've posted recipes for all these on Flickr, and you can see them on too. :D
Sakurako Kitsa 15 years ago
I love chicken salad. I combine a can of chicken breast chunks (the all-white-meat type) with a few tablespoons of fat-free mayo and pieces of red seedless grapes. I also stir in toasted almond slivers, which really improves the texture. It's versatile: it can be served stuffed into mini-pitas, scooped up with crackers, put into sandwiches, or used as a filling for hollowed tomatoes.
general income [deleted] 15 years ago
That chicken salad sounds great! Do leftovers still taste good?
Sakurako Kitsa 15 years ago
Absolutely. :)
Biggie* 15 years ago
BTW, Japanese-language bento cookbooks recommend spicing food to be eaten at room temperature more heavily than usual.
FusionJosie 15 years ago
Prawn cocktail , onigiri , sushi, potato salad, edamame beans , little spirals of ham and thin mozzarella...

I hope this would give you some ideas
Invisible Iris 15 years ago
One of my faves is sesame honey noodles Yummy and pretty easy.
Any kind of noodle salad
Chicken nuggets or fish sticks
Crackers and hummus
Food, Fash, Fit 15 years ago
Chispita is right about eggs, you know - there are so many ways to prepare them for your lunch. You can have eggs everyday in a bento box and not have the same ones twice in a week.
empress1978 15 years ago
My favorite is grilled asparagus wrapped in prosuitto (italian salt cured ham. Put asparagus in baking pan drizzle a lil olive oil and cook 350 degress until done keeping the bright green color. Cool asparagus and wrap in thin slice of prosuitto. Taste great even eaten cold. Prosuitto also goes great wrapped around honey dew melon.
firepile 15 years ago
Thanks for the ideas!

I did make eggs once (mini fritattas) but I wasn't sure it was ok to eat them cold... They tasted alright but I had all sorts of bacterial angst. I suspect as long as they were cooked once then it should be ok though?
Food, Fash, Fit 15 years ago
I've even eaten semi-cooked egg inside an omelette roll that wasn't quite set before and I'm fine. If you're feeding elderly, sick or young people then you should be cautious, but otherwise if your eggs are from a trusted source I say go for it. It's no different from egg salad sandwiches or hard boiled eggs in a salad nicose, for example.
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