~NK~ 8:32am, 3 May 2007
Hi all,

Newbie here. :)
Just wanna say..."I'VE FOUND HEAVEN!!!" :p
The tips and photographs here have been such an inspiration. I've always packed my lunches but it wasn't until a recent trip to Japan that I realised that lunch doesn't have to be slopped into a box. :)

I have a quick question - can inarizushi wrappers be frozen? The trouble I have is that I won't eat it so many days running that I can use them all up, and they always go mouldy after a week. Just wondered if anyone here has tried freezing them?

Thanks in advance!
FrenchBento 15 years ago
yep! tried that for the same reason. (plus of course the fact that i live in Bordeaux France and that they dont carry inari pouches in our although big asian store and i have to buy them in Paris when i go).
First time i frozen the pouches i didn't use, and they came out very fine when defrosted.
Now i make a whole batch of inarizuchi and feeze 'em all ready to be thrown into my bento box.
Actually, that's my lunch for today....
enjoy your bentos!
Biggie* 15 years ago
As moniki says, not only can you freeze the wrappers, you can totally make up inarizushi and batch freeze them (recommended by Ohayo Okusan's book on freezing). Also my lunch today -- full post with inarizushi freezing instructions here.
~NK~ 15 years ago
Thanks moniki & Biggie for the tip. :)

I had inarizushi for my lunch today too! Spooky... lol.
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