Sakurako Kitsa 10:31pm, 23 October 2007
In the "special deals" section (you know, the most-things-for-$1 at the front of the store?) there are some Hello Kitty bargains, including what appear to be bento bags.

There are two patterns, one pink and one lavender. They are made out of lightweight synthetic material, have short carrying-handles and a velcro closure.

It looks as if they would easily carry a bento and drink.
Kate Chan 14 years ago
I'm gonna stop on my way home from work. My nieces will go CRAZY for this! Thanks for the tip!
Sakurako Kitsa 14 years ago
Cool. Hope you find them! (Sometimes there's a raid on those dollar sections).

jspinc 14 years ago
I went today and all they had were stickers and ponytail holders at my Target, but when I go to the Japan Store in Richmond this weekend, I'll head out to the Target there.
i went today meseLf, on my break between class, which just goes to show you how much of a bento addict i am!
enihoo, none sighted, but im surrounded by 6 Tarrr-jays, all within 5 mile radius.
one down, four to go!
afraid camp [deleted] 14 years ago
Where I find these bags bento to $ 1 am by a mad and here in Brazil think that there would sell!

I would like if someone could send me the link for me to buy my.


I got several of the Hello Kitty reusable lunch sacks & the Hello Kitty sandwich bags ( 2 sizes) all $1 each at Target. Sounds like I need to head back.

Also Dollar Tree has a whole bunch of Hello Kitty bento boxes & thermoses for only $1. I also found some at Big Lots.
moosegrl_86 14 years ago
I found those bags yesterday at target. So cute, I checked the local dollar store but they didn't have bento boxes, oh well.
stiLL no luck here in Houston
veggiebentogirl 14 years ago
I found some at my Target yesterday and i found this one with cute little Hello Kittys all over it!It works grate with the stuff i got at the doller store (the wide box fits grate)!
Kaitiedidgood 14 years ago
I saw the Hello kitty Bento bags at my Target and bought one. They're a lot bigger unfolded then you'd think. They have a ton there but I doubt they will after Friday.
natesgirl 14 years ago
i have some at our target but haven't bought any i can go for someone if they want me to just let me know
xinxthexscenex 14 years ago
Horay! I got one! :D Thanks for the tip!
Not Marcia 13 years ago
These bags are back (Sep 08) at the Dollar Spot in Target. They have them in lavender, lime green, and pink. They have some other non-Bento Hello Kitty items too.
snappiness 13 years ago
I saw them last week. They're labeled as "reusable shopping bags" but they're more kid sized. I considered getting some but decided they were too big. They did have some great utensil sets, though. I got one with bugs on it. Another had street signs.
ColleenM 13 years ago
snappiness "reusable shopping bags"

Thank you. I took a look at those today, and decided they weren't the 'bento bags'. I'll have to look more closely at them.
craftscout 13 years ago
Be careful with the utensil set, it's prolly not dishwasher safe. I got a monkey set for my son, and the monkeys were all washed off the first time I ran them through. :(
snappiness 13 years ago
I always hand wash all my bento stuff, except the Lock and Lock boxes.
Kaitiedidgood 13 years ago
Snappiness: I bought one of those "reusable shopping bags" as well and was very surpried to find it very deep but also very thin.

Also, at target right now they have "go green" handkerchiefs/napkins that make perfect furoshiki. Only $1 too!
hezmanagirl 13 years ago
At my local Target the "blue dot" items in the dollar section were half off! I got some great bento stuff really cheap!
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