Awetumn 2:35am, 21 January 2008
Oh my goodness I'm getting a little fed up with some of the prices on ebay! Where can a western new yorker like myself have a chance at getting some bento supplies and bento boxes without that dreaded ebay?!

PLEASE HELP! I'm addicted to bento but I'm getting broke!! Thanks :)

p.s. I'm willing to drive roughly 4-6 hours!!
proud pizzas [deleted] 14 years ago
I'm not sure how far it is for you - but there is a fantastic store called Mitsuwa in New Jersey :o

The website is in Japanese but you can run it through google translator :D hope it helps!
Awetumn 14 years ago
Hmmmm. I'll have to check it out if I'm in the area. Think that might be just a little too far by car, but maybe I can find another mode of transportation! Thanks so much!


Does anyone have any other places as well?
Superchou 14 years ago
well I can recommend a couple decent sites online - I know you are looking for a bricks and mortar shop....

1. JList - I got a couple small items from them - not boxes and the shipping price was very reasonable.

2. (search bento I found more that way) has very inexpensive shipping and the boxes are fairly well priced. They are in Pittsburgh - a little far for a drive granted

3. this seller on ebay does not have a huge selection but I bought from her and got a nice set at a great price - her shipping rates are really very fair and reasonable - I think they must be on an army base there

I am sure she will list more stuff soon or you could try to contact her directly.

4. Never bought from her but her sets seem ok priced for what they are:

5. Here is a very inexpensive Indian style tiffin box:

and another:

6. here is a geographic list of shops - internationally:

I think it is kind of hit or miss with going to a shop. In my area (baltimore) there are several massive asian markets but the selection was pretty lame and some of the cuter ones were the same prices I see online. I think that unless you know 100% they have a massive selection then it might not be worth making a special trip just for boxes ... especially with gas being what it is.

I also think that people on the west coast have it pretty darn lucky!! While Baltimore has a huge Korean community - bento is not really a part of their everyday - like with japanese culture and I think that makes a difference. I was talking to some Korean students who work with me about this and they agreed that might be why the selection is pretty anemic around me.

hope this helps!
sacredyuja Posted 14 years ago. Edited by sacredyuja (member) 14 years ago
Go to the Flushing Mall! [easy by subway]

There is a Banzai 99 in there with loads of cheap bento goodness and other great kitchen supplies.

The boxes in Mitsuwa are about the same prices as ebay running from $15-$27. They do however have sauce bottles, chop sticks, onigiri molds, and paper cups.
Awetumn 14 years ago
That really helped! Thank you so much for taking the time to give me all that information, it should really help me a lot.

Although I live in the Buffalo, NY area, and there's really not much over here, I can travel fairly quickly, about an hour and a half north to Toronto and check out the places in Markham. I'm there in Toronto a lot anyway, and did not even know those locations existed!

Thank you very very much, from the bottom of my bento loving heart! Both posts are much appreciated! :)
Happy Tiffin 13 years ago
These ones are not too expensive and they have other styles,
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