shoogah 10:14am, 14 April 2008
I'm based in Melbourne, Australia. Anyone know of good places to get bento supplies? Preferrably one with an online shop.

bellnad 14 years ago
Hi... I used to visit this store:
34A Elizabeth St
South Yarra, ( it's between Aldi and rear side of Pahran Market)

bento box available in here, but not kinda cutie one
there are onigiri and sushi mold too.

If you prefer online why don't you check
Annie_Shea 14 years ago
I'm in Melbourne too. I haven't been to Fujimart... I buy everything online. We just don't have enough people who make bento here!
shoogah 14 years ago
Yeah, i was looking at alternatives to ebay... but thanks for the Fujimart tip. We should get more melburnians to start bento-ing =P
bellnad 14 years ago
I heard there's one japan grocer in Elsternwick,
Haven't check yet.

I just googled Kinokuya, and I found this
hopefully they'll sell bento books ^______^
tribskitchen 14 years ago
I'm a melbourne bento-er!

I buy on ebay and such, though.. so I'm no help :P
carol.low Posted 12 years ago. Edited by carol.low (member) 12 years ago

I'm from Melbourne to, just came here from Msia..and going back to Msia quite often..

If anyone is interested to get bento suuplies, do contact me..I can get it for you guys and COD in Melbourne...

No deposit is needed..just need your order.. I will charge a small fee depending in how many you buy..

goto to browse the supplies..and let me know which item you like and I will let you know how much in AUS$..

P/S: I will be going back to Msia next, do give me your order ASAP..

Lyvvie 12 years ago
I'm new to Melbourne and have been all over and have been sad to find no bento boxes. Even went to Fujimart last week and they had no lunchbox bento. Robio also had none. Perhaps if enough of us ask them to supply, they will.

*heavy sigh*
mps_angels 12 years ago

please visit
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