scattered teaching [deleted] 4:23pm, 23 May 2008
hello dear bento boxers!!! =D!!!!!!!!
i wanna ask you a question ^________^ someone would like to swap with me? im very interested in learning how to prepare a bento, but here bento boxes are not sold... i really hope someone can send me one cute bento box (sanrio desing, pink, strawberries...)and some bento stuff^^ and in return i can send you other items: maybe snacks, stationery (pens, notebooks, pencils...) make up (lipgloss etc) jewerelly, postcards, spanish items and etc etc etc!!!

someone wanna do a swap with me?
it could be great!!! also i can send spanish recipes!!! ^_______^
ohhhh pleaseeeeeee and then i could post images of my bentos T___T!!!
My Bento Lunch 14 years ago
Hi Marta,
I'll swap with you, I have a cute pink "strawberry candy" bento box I think you would like, and I'll throw in a few accessories too, to get you started. Flickrmail me if you are interested ^_~
fabiola? 14 years ago
oh man! i'm in your same boat if anyone would want to swap a earth toned bento box for maybe something that i CAN find where i live...

im starting out and all i have is nice tupperware:|
scattered teaching [deleted] 14 years ago
my bento lunch: THANK YOUUUUUU!! i'll send you flickrmail!!
fattyola: ahahaah!! keep trying! im sure people will swap bentos with you <3 just ask for them ^________^

a lot of kisses you both!!!
OMBF / Obiwan Bento 14 years ago
Hey, check out the BENTO SWAP flickr group. ... which, btw, folks, is looking for new moderators.
scattered teaching [deleted] 14 years ago
thank you very much for the suggestion obiwan bento!!! =D
i've already post there!!! hope i can find more people to swap with, i love swapping!! ^__^ its really interesting and funny!!
mps_angels 12 years ago

please visit for cute bento accessories.
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