dcdesigns 4:27am, 16 June 2008
Yesterday while unloading the dishwasher I found the white lid that fits on the bottom half of my clickety bento partially melted and stuck on the bottom of the dishwasher. I always wash my bento on the top rack and hand wash the lid with the picture. I don't know how it fell through but I just sit there with the poor little thing for like 5 mins. Then I realized that if I go buy another clickety click bento box it will probably fit both! Yipeeee!
An excuse to buy another bento! I guess it's not so sad after all!

Has anybody else had any sad things happen to their bentos?
BentoTV 13 years ago
Is it the Clickety Click 2 Tier bento? If it is, I have an extra bottom lid I can give you for free.
dcdesigns 13 years ago
BentoTV 13 years ago
Yes I have an extra bottom lid to that one. Send me your mailing address to my email and I'll mail it out to you tommorrow (Monday).
dcdesigns 13 years ago
Thanks so much Sarah! I sent you my address. Oh and I love Bento TV by the way. ;)
amandasiemens 13 years ago
How awesome is that eh?
devlyn 13 years ago
More sad bento - when the lids don't fit any more. I handwash all of my bento supplies (I don't have a dishwasher), and after a while, some of the cheaper lids (like the black top lid for uraras) don't really fit the container any more. As I don't have a bento supply store around here (hello, Daiso? I'm talking to you!), I just end up rotating the lids that still fit, wearing them out faster. Does anyone else have this issue?
Food, Fash, Fit 13 years ago
The saddest thing that happened to my bento was when the clip of a two tier broke off when I was pulling it out of a box. It was horrific. And my favourite box, too, with some funny Engrish on the side. I still mourn it and keep its little corpse in amongst my other bentos for added pathos.

I've never had that problem, Devlyn, but it makes me nervous! I wonder what the solution is? Do you drip dry your stuff, or dry with a cloth? Maybe cooler water would stop the plastic melting, or maybe if you fitted the lid on the bento when it's still warm from washing (and dry!) it would keep its shape? Or do you do that already?
devlyn 13 years ago
I dry my bento in a rack, as I don't like putting them away when they're damp. I have tried "re-shaping" them by putting the lids on rather forcefully and then using hot tap water to get them to stay, but it only lasts for a little while. I'll keep trying and will hopefully come up with something.
snappiness 13 years ago
Saddest bento thing was when I first started making bento. I bought a pretty expensive traditional box at my local Japanese store, I think it was $35. I packed my first "serious" bento for Muffin, I really put time into making it balanced and pretty. And she left it at the bus stop in the morning. So, not only did she lose the box, but she never even saw the pretty lunch (this was before I started taking photos). I am still a little sad about that. Hopefully someone enjoyed it anyway.
Pavlina20 13 years ago
The same thing happened to me. Actually, that box just had back luck. I had a two tier, oval box. The first casualty was the inner lid which I accidentally left on during the micro heating, warped. Then the chopsticks went bye bye. I still had the belt, so I would cover the bottom tier with press and seal, and use the belt to hold the two pieces together. Next to go, was the white divider melted in the dishwasher. I next lost then entire bottom due to an office fridge clean-up timed with an impromptu business trip. I still have the top tier, the top lid, the decorative lid, the belt and the bag, so all is not lost.
♫ bunnychan εїз 13 years ago
hey ! bento are not made to wash inside washmashine ! didn't you know ? in Jpana washmashines are not common in houses and people wash then always by hands.
G uillotine 13 years ago
I hate it when you scrub your bento too much and the design starts to wear off.
or when the belt gets stretched out.
starqueentnk 13 years ago
I have a sad bento story... My dog wanted to taste bento... and she got carried away and ate the lids.... sigh... big bite marks... still love her though....
PhotoMintie 13 years ago
I'm touched that Sarah sent you her extra lid. What a nice Bento community we have here.
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