craftscout 9:42pm, 17 August 2008
I just got back from Super H Mart over on Blalock (just north of I-10), and I figured I would give a heads up for other bento fans in the Houston area. This place is totally worth the drive. It is brand new (just opened in May), so it is very very clean. It has a really nice selection in the produce department. I saw many more Japanese items than I usually see at an Asian market (I frequent WelFarm down in Sugar Land, and Hong Kong City Mall in West Houston) - some things I have only heard of or seen here on Flickr or in my cookbooks. *grins*

They also have a big housewares department, with bentos. Not just Lock & Lock's and glass boxes like Biggie's BSL indicates (though there was tons of those), but also nice Hakoya boxes, Leaflet Tight Boxes, cute family sized boxes (jubako?), the party boxes Ichiban Kan sold out of so quickly, those very manly bento boxes that come with a bag to put them, Mr. and Ms. Bentos, and plain bentos. Most (except the Mr. and Ms.) were $10 or less.

I took camera phone pics, and they are the most recent in my photostream right now (also in my "At the Grocery Store" set). Hope this helps out someone in the area!
hezmanagirl 13 years ago
Dang! We have a Super H-Mart here in the Denver area and they don't have any of those cute boxes. They have a little store with Sanrio stuff that seems overpriced but not much more. Maybe they'll get some soon!
veggiebento 13 years ago
Wow! I'm going to Houston in late September for work, hope I can get over there. I'll have to tell my co-workers it's cause I like Asian food, not that I want to buy cute lunch boxes... I can't wait.
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