FrenchBento 10:42am, 27 August 2008
hi there
I've been looking for a two-tier wooden box to buy on the internet, but couldnt find anything;
something like this (second bento box in the article)

you get the idea.
any tip to where I can find one?
thanks you guys for your help
camkrst 13 years ago
The only place I've seen them is on Yahoo Japan Auctions - for example, here's a few:

If you are in the US, you will need to use an intermediary service to do your bidding and receive the item and then ship it to you. Here's a good tutorial on Yahoo Japan auctions:

I've found that Google's translator works the easiest when translating pages & I've used this shopping/shipping service with great success: - they're quick, have reasonable fees & excellent communication.

Hope this helped!
♫ bunnychan εїз Posted 13 years ago. Edited by ♫ bunnychan εїз (member) 13 years ago
I have one bought on ebay but is not 2 tier
guess you can find at NAGOMI or
on ebay, they sell special bento from time to time
particularity of this bento is the strong smell of pepper, of course you cannot wash many times and have to use plastic foils before putting food inside and also is not good for microwave because hot would damage it

yes, I saw the link on yahoo japan, so expensive ones, 7000 yen is a bit too much and anyway they do not send outside Japan ^^

My Bento Lunch 13 years ago
Moniki, let me know if you are still looking, I find find a decent one here for about $35-40. Flickr mail me if you want me to get you one.
FrenchBento 13 years ago
thank you guys.
camkrst I'm not sure I want to go to all that trouble.... I live in France so I'm not even ssure that's even possible.

Tama chan: that's the kind of goodies I'm looking for. Except two tiers if possible. I'll continue looking.....
but ou have tips.....
thanks again
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