I Love Egg 12:09am, 30 August 2008
I know the fried tofu skins are very freezable, but could you still freeze them after you stuck in the sushi rice like I do with my onigiri (which freezes amazingly)?

I don't mind them getting a little warm, because I know they'd cool down by lunch time.

To defrost onigiri, I just microwave it for a minute or so in the plastic wrap I use while it's in the freezer.

Thanks in advance for any answers! :)
snappiness 13 years ago
Yes, I have frozen them filled. Then I just microwave them as I would onigiri. Tonight I am leaving them sitting on the counter overnight, wrapped in plastic. They don't have any meat in them.
FrenchBento 13 years ago
I do exactly like snappiness. All the time. I'm tthe only one to eat inari at home so whenever I make some, I fill them in and freeze them.
♫ bunnychan εїз 13 years ago
no, a japanese would never do, when you ehot they are absurdly horrible !!!
you use the aburage pockets only when you need and fill you eat, when you need more you make a nother rice filling and use the rest of the aburage pockets
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