jackiw7 10:29pm, 9 September 2008
Like this one:

Does it really keep food hot or just warm? For how long? The Amazon reviews are mixed, so I would love to hear from anyone whos packed a few bento lunches in one of these.
veggiebento Posted 13 years ago. Edited by veggiebento (member) 13 years ago
I don't have this one, but I have something like the classic one. To maximize the heat retention, i pour boiling water into the thermal container and cover it while I put the lunch together. Once all the food is heated pour out the water and insert the separate food containers. Put the hottest one in the bottom. It stays hot enough that I have no need to re-heat it, and I like food that's pretty hot. If you pack it in the morning and eat it for lunch, it should be hot enough. Say 4 to 5 hours.
cchen7 13 years ago
Try searching the discussions over in the Mr Bento group. I know I've seen people post about Mr vs Ms vs Mini before.
jackiw7 13 years ago
Thanks for the testamonial veggiebento, and for the suggestion virago7! I went through the discussions in the other group and I decided to break down and buy the set :P

I got the blue one for me and a larger black on for my boyfriend. I hope it works well! I want hot curries this winter! :)
jspinc 13 years ago
I have one. I wouldn't say it keeps things really hot, no tongue burn here, but if you put boilng water in the insulator for about ten minutes and put the food in the inside container while it is hot, you'll have a hotter meal at lunch time. I pack my lunch at 5-5:30am and do not eat until 1pm, so that is out of the manufacturers range.
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