Biggie* 10:20pm, 22 September 2008
I'm giving away a free Zojirushi Mr. Bento thermal lunch jar here. I reviewed it in depth alongside the Nissan Thermos JLN1200X and a no-name Chinese knockoff; the full review is here at Lunch in a Box.
Lunch jar battle: Nissan Stainless vs. Mr. Bento
ColleenM 13 years ago
Thanks Biggie.

Love your blog!
airgap 13 years ago
Biggie* 13 years ago
Thanks ColleenM!
jspinc 13 years ago
Biggie, which do you prefer?
Biggie* 13 years ago
Sunshine9905> Both models performed about the same with some minor differences, but I think I prefer the bag on the Mr. Bento that lets you tuck in extra lunch accessories. My husband prefers the Nissan Thermos because he doesn't want to mess with a bag. Just personal preference. Both the Mr. Bento and the Nissan Thermos really outperformed the no-name Chinese knockoff, though -- detailed test results are at the full review.
oh my!
biggie you're very generous. good luck to all!
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