somana 3:48am, 2 October 2008
Dear Bento lovers and Bento Swappers-

I have recently gotten an inquiry about if we could do a Bento For A Good Cause donation, it is actually a call out to those of us who like bento, and preparing good food and helping others.

The basic inquiry was this, there are 6 or 7 families who are on the Hopi and Navajo reservation who are looking to use bento boxes/lunch boxes and the idea behind healthy eating and food preparation to help to draw attention to the risk juvenile diabeties and unhealthy eating habits, which is now showing record numbers on our reservations. There is also some talk about having bento/lunchboxes also be tools to talk about how to utilize traditional foods in everyday eating.

What is needed:
--Bento items for youth (anything helps to demonstrate the bento/lunch box appeal?-anything that will make the idea more apprealing to the youth that are going to particpate in the challenge.
--Insulated lunchboxes and items for lunchboxes that will help with keeping items inside them cold/hot- many of the youth who are working in this project are from families who don't have electricity, so will be relying on the community centers for the refridgeration and preparation needs of the families who are needing that support.
--thermos type canteens, or soup containers, these are vital since many of the families have their children going to school in areas that are 30-45 minutes away from the home, and since the children will need to have their meals prepared way in advance for the day, they need ways to keep their lunches hot/cold for extended periods of time.
--anything else that you feel that the family/child would enjoy as far as preparation needs or things that you think the families would find useful, like cookbooks or even sugar-free recipes of your own, items that you think would assist the families with diabetic needs, etc...

The families will also be sending thank you letters to those who have donated items to them, and also extending invitations to have continued contact like "pen pals" to give the donators updates on the progress.

if you would like to participate, please contact me, i would like to see if our swap group would like to donate some items for the families that are going to be in the program. thank you so much-somana
mxhashim 13 years ago
maybe ages and genders of the interested children would help - i don't know if a 7th grade boy would like a bunny egg mold and a clickity clack bear box....
mxhashim 13 years ago
try posting to livejournal too - there are about 5 bento communities there.
mxhashim 13 years ago
can you email me please - I've been trying to get in touch with you. thanks.
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