J List?

evanescent eyes [deleted] 10:26pm, 4 November 2008
Has anyone got experience of J list in the UK? I placed an order a few weeks ago and am still waiting to receive my order. Are they just slow or is this normal as the items are being shipped from Japan.
I'd appreciate any replies :0)
oendr 13 years ago
I love Jbox. . . is that what you mean by jlist? I have had several experiences with them and it does take about 3 to 4 weeks on regular shipping. . . but you'll love it when it gets there!
jspinc 13 years ago
Jbox and Jlist are the same company. Some of their inventory is in the US, while the rest ships from Japan.
evanescent eyes [deleted] 13 years ago
Well after my post last night, guess what arrived today???

Yay!!! finally got all my bits and bobs I ordered a few weeks ago :0)
♫ bunnychan εїз 13 years ago
no items are sent always from USA and yes they are very slow normally I receive in Italy packages after one month and they always make me pay fast sending !!!
Tokyo Ties 13 years ago
I love jlist too :) a lot of my collection is from there and it takes my packages about 3 to 4 weeks and I'm in Melbourne Australia,.I have had about 8 packages from them now and everything has been fantastic and all of them have been sent from japan.
*yucca* 13 years ago
my first order : about 2 weeks.
My last order it takes about 7 weeks 1/2 (i've received my package on monday) i'm in France.
thumpersbunnie 13 years ago
I am in the US and it always takes a month for orders to arrive. I usually forget about them by the time they get here.
Food, Fash, Fit Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Food, Fash, Fit (member) 13 years ago
I'm an affiliate, so I get quite a few parcels through from them, but I'm really annoyed at the fact that one I ordered in June arrived this week. No word from them about why, even though I chased them about five times, contacting different people each time.

I also ordered a bento calendar last year and never got it at all.

Their range is great, especially the bento stuff, and I love mostly everything about them, but in my experience the customer service is a bit dire. I don't know if I'm treated worse as the payments are generally from my affiliate relationship with them, but I like to think that normal customers are treated better!

(Forgot to mention, but I'm in the UK too. Theoretically anything that's sent from Japan shouldn't take any longer to reach us than it does the US, which is nice!)
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