moosegrl_86 2:30am, 21 November 2008
I always see a lot of bentos that use lettuce as a garnish, so I was wondering do you eat the lettuce as a salad after the other food is gone? Is there anything you can eat it as besides salad? I've been on a bento hiatus due to school, but I plan on starting up after moving into my new place next year so any other garnishing tips are welcome.
ColleenM 13 years ago
I just eat it. It provides a texture and taste that compliment the flavors and mouth-feel of the other ingredients.

I sometimes use parsley the same way.
Bento Mommy 13 years ago
My daughter doesn't eat the lettuce so when she gets back from school i wash it then give it to our pet turtle. I used a couple times the green food dividers that look like grass and it looked pretty good.
mmod81 13 years ago
I have got this recipe: LETTUCE ROLLS

- boil lettuce leaves for a few seconds and let them dry for a while.
- boil some french beans and carrots cut into sticks, however try not to make them too soft.
- mix ricotta cheese with salt and pepper (if you want to add some curry, this makes it colorful and tasty), keeping melting it until soft.
- on an aluminium wrap square, prepare a single layer of well laid lettuce leaves. If you want to use several of them, just overlap the border a little bit.
- spread the ricotta on the lettuce leaves, then put french beans and carrots on the same way you do for sushi rolls.
- roll it all and tightly wrap with aluminium.

You should keep it in the freezer for a while before cutting them, so that the ricotta will become hard and easy to cut.
snappiness 13 years ago
I eat the lettuce as a salad at the end (and feel very European). With Muffin sometimes the lettuce is used for her to build her own sandwich.
iam.jenii 13 years ago
You can pack lettuce as an edible divider. I think I've done it so I could stick it in with my meal (in my sandwich, make a "lettuce wrap", etc.).
FrenchBento 13 years ago
I always eat it. love salad. I live in Europe ^_^
texasmomof4 13 years ago
My kiddos roll it up and eat it plain when they finish everything else.
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