evanescent eyes [deleted] 10:43pm, 28 November 2008
if I can make my own furikake, what do I need to make it? The nearest Asian food store is 30 miles away from me so not very handy. The staff aren't very helpful either, so I'm almost scared to ask if they have an item, so I usually end up browsing on my own to get things I can recognise or can decipher from the pics on the package.

I'd like to make my onigiri taste a little less bland and so thought furikake would be a nice idea to start.

Any hints and tips are very welcome :0)
Firefoxx65 13 years ago
Here are a lot of recipes for you to start with
evanescent eyes [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by evanescent eyes (member) 13 years ago
Thankyou for the link firefoxx65 :0)
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