how much to buy

purplehippo32 1:42am, 29 December 2008
I'm going to buy some stuff at superhmart, and i was wondering if some of you could answer some questions, as i am not exactly sure as to what i am buying.

>is it good to have a few different boxes instead of just one?
>How long does these things last(the box itself)?
> What accessories would be good to buy as firstly starting out?

thanks very much.
ColleenM 13 years ago
Get one to start. Get some chopsticks, a bag, etc.

As you get used to packing your lunch, you'll keep seeing things you can't live without. Use the money you saved to buy what you really want in a few weeks.
craftscout 13 years ago
The better quality boxes will last you a while, even through a few drops. One good box, in the right size and shape for you, will probably last you years. I like having silicone muffin cups to use as dividers, because they can also be used to make muffins! :)
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