Sebinjapan0 10:58pm, 6 January 2009
Hi all,

I'm looking foward to open a bento shop here in Canada and I can't seems to find anyone who sells bento box made of thin plastic, like the one we can find in bento shop in Japan (i.e origin bento)

anyone has any clue?

Otherwise i'm gonna have to contact Japanese company directly or a plastic making company to see if they can customize one.

Thank you
Hi my name is isabel, I work in a company call Globalpak located in Guatemala City, Central America. We manufacture different types of plastic trays and boxes. The are termoforming containers, flexibles, resistent, and dispossables. We can manufacture in white,cristal,or black. We have different designs that can adjust to what you are looking if you like more info, pictures and a quote please email me at or visit the web at
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