Hi everyone..

suzie-qt 2:15am, 23 May 2009
I just recently found out about bento boxes and bento lunches last year and became really interested in it..I have a few bento boxes that i have purchase but never used them..Well, i hope my collection of bento and accessories will expand..but i just wanted to say Hi to everyone and hope that everyone can help me with ideas on where to find bento products and accessories since i live in a state where it is hard to find cute bento products..

x0x0 Suzie
ColleenM 13 years ago
Hello, and welcome.
brookelovesbento 13 years ago
Hi Suzie.
hesitant sugar [deleted] 13 years ago
Hey Suzie, welcome to the group. I really understand ur problem. Most of the people in germany haven`t even heard about bento so I have to buy the things on ebay or in onlinestores.
Laura Bento 13 years ago
Hi Suzie. I would love to help you find some bento stuff in your area, but where do you live?
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