brookelovesbento 1:29am, 3 June 2009
Yes, I know how that sounds. Just a quick announcement that 'The Ugly Bento' group is now official. Post pics of your ugly bento, try to outdo each other with hideous creations, and post tips on making ugly food prettier.
Come and join us.

Cheers, and happy ugly bentoing,
ColleenM 13 years ago
Would you kindly post a link to the group?
brookelovesbento 13 years ago
Sorry, should have thought of that.
Here it is:
ColleenM 13 years ago
Would you check that address. I'm getting a broken link page, and it looks like the last part is missing a number (N20?)
brookelovesbento Posted 13 years ago. Edited by brookelovesbento (member) 13 years ago
I checked the link, and you're right - it's broken, however, that is definitely what the URL is, so I can't explain what's happening.
Checked the Flickr help topics, and it says if the link isn't working, then just try again later, so they are no help either.

I've just done a cut and paste below, you could try putting that in the address bar.

Or just search for "The Ugly Bento" under the groups tab, and you should find it.

Sorry I can't be of any more help - frustrating I know.

OK, it appears the new link works - perhaps something to do with 'http://' being included in the first link.
ColleenM 13 years ago
this one works, thanks. I can't see any difference. *shrug*

Thanks a lot
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