acrid cattle [deleted] 8:58pm, 5 June 2009
Hello Everyone!

My sweetie says I have a "bento addiction." Over the past few years I've collected an array of bento boxes, many of which have never been used.

He says I need to downsize, which is unfortunately true. I know there is ebay, but I hate selling small priced items, because by the time you pay all the listing/selling/paypal fees it's not even worth the trouble.

Would anyone be interested in buying anything from my soon to be downsized collection? I can post pictures of items on a different site/forum for those if interested. Right now I just want to get a feel if this is the right route to go.

I have Mr. Bento, a Hello Kitty Insulated Bento Jar with containers, Several Sailor Moon Bentos, Kakashi Bento, Misc Ebay Bentos, Chopsticks, get my drift ;)

I have feedback on ebay as charismatic_angel 100%. You can contact me through flickr if you think I should do this.


bentolunches 12 years ago
I might be interested - would love to see photos -
brookelovesbento 12 years ago
Would you mind posting internationally? I would pay the postage obviously.
suzie-qt 12 years ago
I would love to see photos and i am interested..
acrid cattle [deleted] 12 years ago
Thanks for replying everyone :)

I am going to post pictures of the bentos for sale Monday. I will mail both nationally and internationally. Paypal is accepted.

I will let you guys know when the pics are posted :)


acrid cattle [deleted] 12 years ago
PICS ADDED to my Flickr Album. If you are interested in a certain item, please contact me with the pic #.

I haven't gotten around to adding prices, but please feel free to make a reasonable offer :)

you can email me at: or message me on Flickr

Thanks for looking,

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