MartyB and KCQ Barbecue 12:31am, 24 July 2009
This seems to be the perfect place to pose this problem.

Suppose you must present some cooked barbecued meat in a plain 9"x9" styrofoam box. The only garnishes allowed are *green* lettuce, parsley, or cilantro, no kale, no cabbage, no radicchio, etc., but any type of green lettuce or parsley is allowed. This means no red leaf lettuces.

This garnish rule is very strictly enforced.

The meat, let's say in this case cooked from a pork butt or pork shoulder, can be sliced, shredded (pulled) or chunked, or any combination of these. Any one, and only one, of these meats can be in any presentation: Beef brisket, pork butt or shoulder, pork ribs, and chicken. In addition, there must be a minimum of six of any distinct pieces such as slices or chunks or chicken pieces, while shredded meat can be presented in individual servings or all together.

The meat is going to be judged on taste, tenderness, and presentation. It's the presentation part where I am asking for ideas, or photos. Mostly we have just built a bed of curly parsley, but sometimes make a lettuce border, but this is all very boring. Here are some examples of presentations we have done in the past, which I readily admit are nowhere near the standards I see in this group. That's why I am asking. .

I'm adding some descriptions to those photos if you want to know more about each individual box.

I know it's a very limited set of ingredients which are allowed, and that is what makes this problem so difficult. But based on the outstanding creativity I have seen in the photos in this group I hope some of you have skills and ideas you can share which can help improve our presentation.


MartyB in KC
ColleenM Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ColleenM (member) 12 years ago
How about using leaf lettuce around the outside edge to frame the meat, with a tiny bit of cilantro leaf in the middle. Like a bulls-eye with a ruffled frame.

If you are presenting separate pieces, then each might nestle into its own lettuce leaf cup.
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