MandLmom 5:16pm, 1 October 2009
I'm trying to find a box or two with very specific requirements. Unfortunately, we have *nothing* in the way of bento shopping in my area that i have been able to find (aside from a few laquer boxes and plain disposable type cups and picks at Uwajimaya (an asian grocery). So I purchase all my boxes and supplies online. That's sometimes tough to find exactly what you want. Often there is a language barrier -- sites are in english, but not fully descriptive, or the pictures only show the outside of the box and they have a solid lid so I can't see if there are dividers, or they don't provide the ML, etc. I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

What I want is similar to "leaflet tight" (but smaller). Like the "sucre" boxes, if you are familiar with those.

Single Tier

450ml – ish

Divider inserts that use the whole space

Tight locking clamp seal (my kidlet didn't do well when we tried a belted bento)

Non-girly color or theme (doesn't specifically have to be boyish, a gender neutral orange or yellow or something is fine too)

It's a lot to ask for, but it can't hurt to ask, right? Thanks =)
texasmomof4 12 years ago
Do you have a disney store near by? They have some great boy theme single tier boxes. Not sure on the ML's. Or you could try e-bay.
eilismaura 12 years ago
Have you considered the Lock'n Lock type? They tend to be clear but maybe you can dress them up (right Texasmomof4?? LOL but don't recommend things with Vegas on it !!)
gamene Posted 12 years ago. Edited by gamene (member) 12 years ago
ugh so frustrating - there is a plain yellow one at a store near my house, but i don't know what brand it is or if it's available online! next time i go by this store for groceries etc. i'll take a cell phone pic so you can see if it's like what you are looking for...

also, have you checked out bento crazy? there are some single tier 450-ish boxes there with unisex kids' themes, like for example and ...
MandLmom 12 years ago
Thanks for the replies.

@gamene. Bentocrazy is where I purchased the one box that I have that is perfect (except it's pink lol). She used to carry the orange and blue versions, but was sold out before I went bento mad ;). Maybe I will email her and she if she carries anything similar to them though. She would know what "sucre blue" was to compare.
gamene Posted 12 years ago. Edited by gamene (member) 12 years ago
hey MandLmom -- i remembered (finally!!) to check my local market yesterday and i wrote down the brands/capacities for the two boxes i had seen that i think might be good for your boy.

one is the blue sopra, i believe it's 430ml, bentocrazy has it for $12.50 - - but it's at my local market for $7.

the other is by v color series, i believe it's 480ml, and it comes in plain yellow (with a clear lid) and cute little handles on the side where the locks are. there is something similar on ebay but the price reflects it being sold as a set with some accessories:
my market has it for about $7 as well.

if you want me to grab either of these and ship them to you priority mail it would probably end up being cheaper than ordering from bentocrazy (and you can just reimburse me by paypal or something like that)... let me know if that would be helpful or if you've already found something you like!
bentolunches Posted 12 years ago. Edited by bentolunches (member) 12 years ago
gamene - Does your store carry any other sopra items? I have the one box from bentocrazy, but am looking for others that match the set. Thanks!
gamene 12 years ago
hi bentolunches -- unfortunately i just saw the one sopra. sorry about that!
MandLmom 12 years ago
That was so nice of you to go the extra mile and check for me! I actually ended up ordering a couple of boxes (including one from bentocrazy). They don't have the dividers, but meet all the rest of the requirements, so I think I'm good for a while. (at least until this purchase fades from DHs memory ;)).

I really appreciate the offer though!

We are planning a trip to japan for oh 18 months out and I told him that I need to take an empty suitcase for new bento gear ;)
Cleland Photography 11 years ago - inexpensive, good selection of bento as well as San-X items and household items as well, located in Houston, TX
hedgiehog 11 years ago

you might also want to try
I have ordered from them before and they usually have great descriptions on their site. They post capacity in mls so it's easy to figure out how much it holds. Also, shipping is cheap and they add new items all the time.

Good luck!
modes4u 10 years ago

They have lots of cute bento boxes and free international shipping for purchase over EUR 60
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