bentoaddict 5:49am, 26 December 2009
Hi everybody, I can't get over the pretty photos. I just recently made my first purchase on ebay to start my bento collection, and I am so excited to start making bentos. Does anyone know of bento stores in Indianapolis or Chicago (if I ever drive up there). Sad to say but being Asian, I feel like I should be more knowledgeable on where to get this stuff but I've never seen any at the small Korean or Asian stores I go to. Unless I book a flight to Cali or Asia, I'm not sure where I can get affordable stuff without paying a hefty markup on ebay. I've seen pictures of Daiso and FIT in Houston and I am in awe. Wish they would open one in the Midwest. I would fill up my shopping cart quick :)
J_Flair 12 years ago
We're not in Indiana, but in NC and have a lot of bento boxes! If you're a Shinzi Katoh fan, we got a lot of his items at jflair dot com.
christina.jacks Posted 12 years ago. Edited by christina.jacks (member) 12 years ago
Hello! I am from Indiana and also new here. :)

There is a store on the north side of Indy that I like called "One World Market". I've been there twice. The first time there I found my bento box. The second time, unfortunately, they didn't re-stock their bento but they do have a limited selection of cutters, sauce bottles, small containers, etc. It's a small grocery with a good selection of all kinds of Japanese ingredients and produce, and also has a small cafe area.

In Chicago there is a Japanese store in the Clark/Belmont area called "J Toguri Mercantile". I haven't been there in a while, and am not sure if they have bento supplies. It's a neat place to look around though.

I wish they would open a Daiso or Ichibankan in Indy! Otherwise, I'm thinking of placing an order with "". Their prices are pretty good, and they have $5 shipping.
KWAB 12 years ago
There is a Sanrio store on the Magnificent Mile (Chicago) the mall with the Nordstroms on Michigan Avenue that has a LOT of Hello Kitty bento boxes, towels, sauce containers, etc.

The Disney Store, both online and the stores themselves have bento boxes. They typically call them snack containers. The stores have a lot more than what is offered on-line. Again, there is a large Disney Store in the Magnificent Mile area that has about 15 different bento boxes, as well as matching utensils, sidecars, and cups. :)

Check around for local international grocery stores...ours, especially the Korean and Japanese groceries, typically have a limited selection of bento boxes in their homegoods/cooking utensils sections.

/also from the bento-challenged midwest (St. Louis)

Hope that helps!
meggara45 Posted 12 years ago. Edited by meggara45 (member) 12 years ago
Outside of Chicago (Arlington Heights) there is a Mitsuwa and they carry some bento boxes and supplies. There is also a Korean market in Chicago called Joong Boo that may offer some bento boxes and/or supplies as well.

The J Toguri Merchantile place on Belmont doesn't have much in the way of bento boxes recently. I went there a few weeks ago and they didn't have anything except maybe some paper boxes and rice paddles. I thought they would have more bento stuff than that.

The FIT store in Houston ( also sells bento boxes and supplies online. I just ordered from them and everything is $2! It was the best deal I've ever seen...most of the stuff that I found I usually see online for $15 and over.

Hope this helps
bentoidea 11 years ago
Try AllThingsForSale, I think they are in Ca, but they ship fast, maybe 3 days
christina.jacks 11 years ago
Hi again! I'm not sure if this is still a relevant thread for you or not, but there is a great store in Chicago called "Kawaii Japanese Outlet". Lots of bento boxes, housewares, dishes, stationary, things like that. They have a public facebook page and have posted lots of pictures.
morihime 9 years ago
I live in Indiana too. I have to ask my friends in San Francisco to buy my cute things for Bento. I do not do the food art portion but it is nice to have cute toothpicks and dividers.

I have ordered some things online and it hasn't been too bad. Of course it would be the best if we could have a Japanese store/market to get lost in but that is not the case here in Indiana.

I try to be creative and use colored tin cupcake holders and regular cookie cuters for my Obentos.

Good luck!
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