Cool Mom From Vancouver :D 8:06pm, 24 August 2010
Just wondering, if any of you find it's more fun to buy bento gear than to make bento :p
texasmomof4 11 years ago
LOL, We've been so busy with our move across the country that all I've had the opportunity to do is shop for bento so yes it's been more fun than the nonexsistant bentos at the moment. But I did get back in the groove and make a bento this morning.
veggiebento 11 years ago
I love containers of all types! I call it the container fetish. My brother has it, too. But he buys really nice luggage and backpacks. I just bought some stainless steel bento boxes I really like. I also bought a big set of "safe" plastic lock-and-lock containers this summer that has been really nice.

I'd like to find good small sealed containers for sauce. I keep a bottle of soy sauce at work, but that's it. The little plastic cute ones leak for me.

I usually do make a bento lunch at least 4 days/week and sometimes carry a frozen pre-made lunch once a week or so. My partner is getting tired of rice and Asian food, so I'm looking for more generic ideass.
Container fetish? ummm......I guess that what I have >.<
hedgiehog 11 years ago
I thought I was the only one with container fetish....all my life I've loved containers...anything with a lid that holds something else! LOL! I guess I was destined to make bentos....

I put all sorts food in bentos, anything from sandwiches to Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai or just plain old meat and potatoes....just depends on what I'm in the mood for. Thankfully, my children eat all of it. I have traditional bentos, laptop lunchboxes, lock & lock containers and cute character bentos.

I'm always on the lookout for more.... :-)
Cool Mom From Vancouver :D Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Cool Mom From Vancouver :D (member) 11 years ago too! I especially love lunch boxes with compartments ;p
roomy shop [deleted] 11 years ago
The newest and most innovative bento box is the two level The New Generation Lunch Box by BrightBin. It can be used on its own like a lunch box (comes with a handle) or it can fit right into a child's (or adult's) favorite existing insulated lunch bag to replace plastic bags and small food storage containers. It is one unit, no lids to get lost or mismatched. The top level is a sandwich/entree compartment that is somewhat "leak-resistant" and the bottom level has three divided compartments. It is super cute, totally "green", a huge money and time saver... and it is totally non-toxic free of BPA, phthalates, lead, and PVC. Check out You will love it!
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