veggiebento 2:12pm, 11 January 2013
I've been doing bento all by my lonely self here in Texas for about 3 years. I'm so sad to see participation in this group so low! One of my favorite bloggers hasn't posted in a year, another is struggling to come back from a health crisis. No more Bento TV and some of the other odd and fun stuff. So few photos of bento have been posted here lately I still see pictures from yesterday on the main page.

If you're reading this, show us photos of your Bento! We love to see ideas find out what other people are eating.
veggie bento love 9 years ago
Yes. Group participation is quite low - I post nearly all of my bentos from my blog, and some for the husband (we eat different foods...) when I get around to it.

Post! The more inspiration added, the richer the group will be come.
veggiebento 9 years ago
Yes, thanks for that! I'm happy to see Maki on Just Bento is posting again. I still wonder what happened to Biggie. I miss her...
veggie bento love 9 years ago
I only started bento a year or so ago, and both Biggie and Maki were my two inspirations for bento. I practically devoured their websites when figuring out how to start making awesome lunches. Biggie had stopped updating her blog by then, but I hope she's okay.
ColleenM 9 years ago
Maki has a new Bento 101 course starting at her blog
This Little Bento 9 years ago
I used to post in this group a lot when I made lunches for my husband and myself. I stopped making bentos when we had our baby three years ago. I was looking forward to when our kid would be old enough for me to make bento lunches for him! But he turned out to be such a picky eater, his lunch for preschool is almost the same thing every day! (hummus/cheese sandwich, zucchini muffin and tortilla chips) I do make his lunches every day, and pack it in the bento box, but they just aren't photo worthy these days. If I made something cute and colorful, he won't eat it. Hopefully when he's a little older he'll start enjoying more variety and colorful bento-rific foods! In the meantime I still hover here at the group sometimes to see what people are making...I have been sad how the group participation dwindled (it's quite different from three years ago, I can tell you). But then I am one of the ones who dwindled. :( Sorry for venting...I love everything about my kid, but I'm still hoping for my dream to be realized where he gobbles up cute bento lunches! Anyway, there are still some great bentos to see here in the Flickr groups, even if they are fewer. :)
early boot [deleted] 9 years ago
veggie bento love:

Biggie used to be a huge presence around here, but as you've said, she hasn't posted anything in a long time. I hope all is okay with her.
veggie bento love 9 years ago
This little bento: my son is a very picky eater too, and while I make him pbj bentos, they're not the most photogenic bentos, and they're too repetitive to keep featuring on a regular basis. I hear you! Tough when there are so many child-centric bento blogs out there full of foods that not-so-picky eaters enjoy.
This Little Bento 9 years ago
veggie bento love -- thanks, I'm glad I'm not the only one! Isn't it great, though, that there ARE so many blogs out there? I miss Biggie, too. And Ngoc from! Thank goodness their sites are still up for reference, and that Maki is back. And thank goodness for all the newer blogs that are going strong. Maybe people are just blogging more and posting on Flickr less? At least in our group. ( I was looking at some really lovely kid lunches in the blogs today and wishing my son would eat colorful foods! Maybe someday soon.)
veggie bento love 9 years ago
Maybe people are posting less and blogging more, but it takes no time at all to upload to flickr, and even add a link to the blog post.

It's wonderful that there are blogs out there that can be used for reference, and I'm grateful to bloggers who leave their writing up rather than deleting so we can enjoy the creativity and thoughtfulness that they've poured into their little corners of the internet.

That being said, more pics here would be nice :) Sometimes just looking through photos is therapeutic and inspirational.

Good luck with feeding your son more colourful foods - patience. Mine took a sip of my green smoothie this morning - I told him it was vanilla peach (didn't tell him about chia seeds, almond milk, or spinach in there...). He didn't cry/whine/refuse when I offered him a sip, and didn't make a scene after he'd had the sip. He said it tasted bland and politely declined either another sip or a smoothie of his own. Few parents will understand how awesome a step this was!
early boot [deleted] 9 years ago
I don't post more of my bentos because they're boring. Basically the same stuff every day, just in a different container. I always look through the pictures here on Flickr for inspiration, as well as the blogs out there, but many of them are centered around kids and I'm an adult with a job. I have no kids so my lunches aren't really all that cute. :)
homtchr 9 years ago
I haven't posted anything for a long time either. I am still here though - admiring everyone else's work. Planning to post again in the summer!
gfbentomom 8 years ago
I am back after not posting in a while. I was wondering too what happened to participation but glad I found this discussion. I bento for food allergies and just gave up trying to pack a bento and join others for meals for a while. I also bento for my son but he got bento shy in Jr. High and it became no variety and no fun. But we're back! after a move to the land of bentos-Japan. So I am packing bento for my son on days when he's not eating cafeteria lunches and for myself as I spend time out and about.
gfbentomom 8 years ago
I just want to say too that I post in hopes that it encourages others with dietary restrictions. Posting encourages me and helps me cope :) So I hope that others don't feel that they have to have perfectly photogenic lunches before they post! I often look through pages of bentos to get inspiration for meals out and all types of photos and lunches are appreciated and helpful.
medical wax [deleted] 8 years ago

Hi to All!
I've just joined, as here in Australia, We'd only just come across the idea of Bento... which is weird, when I grew up in such a multicultural city (Sydney), and at school our lunch swaps were the equivalent of 'World Trade'. We ate food from everywhere, and celebrated everybody's holidays...with food.

I've just done my first Bento boxes today, and I'll post the pics as soon as I figure out how!
I've learn't so much, being on here for just half an hour...A big THANK YOU!! to everyone.
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