Matthew Almon Roth 5:22pm, 9 March 2015
This is Matthew from the Community Team at Flickr HQ.

With all the recent changes to Flickr groups, we’ve seen activity grow significantly in many groups. Still, we’ve noticed that some of our largest, longest-standing groups have admins who no longer have the time/interest to keep up with them.

We’ve emailed several thousand admins of some of our largest groups where those admins haven’t been active and we’ve encouraged them to come back. If they don’t have time, aren’t interested, or they don’t respond, we’re opening the group to new admins.

If you think you would be a good admin of this group and you have the time to dedicate to it, please nominate yourself below. Feel free to also nominate someone else if you think they would be good.

There’s no perfect recipe for what makes a good Flickr group admin, but at a minimum we think you should tend to the photo pool to remove images that don’t pertain to the group’s theme. We also think it’s useful to get involved in discussions and start new ones. It’s probably also a good idea to invite new photos you see that fit the group and encourage participation among other Flickr members.

Please note, if you are selected as a new admin and you abuse the admin tools, we will remove you from the group and we may further sanction your account. We don’t take this lightly.

We want to see this and other great groups continue to flourish. Feel free to ask any questions of me directly by FlickrMail.

ColleenM 7 years ago

The moderator of this group is doing a good job of keeping the pool cleaned up. If s/he doesn't want to be admin, I'll step up, but I think they would be a good choice.
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