Share 11:20am, 13 November 2016
I love Bento but hate plastic, so I found the premier box maker in Japan and asked them to make me traditional Bentos to share with everyone.

I have two kinds. The simple bento is two layers, unvarnished Paulownia wood with an inset lid and divided interiors.
The deluxe Bento is three layers, is made of Cedar and varnished with inert urethane.
Both woods are extremely lightweight and durable, with natural antimicrobial properties to keep your food safe, even without refrigeration.

I have 100 of the simple, and 30 of the deluxe boxes. I also have 100 jumbo silk furoshiki cloths, for people who want the full experience, and 100 pairs of interesting bamboo chopsticks.

To go all out on your Bento experience, you wrap the box in the furoshiki, and knot it at the top. You tuck your chopsticks into the knot. The furoshiki doubles as a tablecloth.

The box maker is Mihagi Kougei, you can check them out on the internet. Prices are 35$ for the simple. 55$ for the deluxe. Discounts available for bulk orders. These are all I have, when they are gone they are gone.

Contact me at And EAT BENTO!
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