cngodles 5:18am, 6 March 2008
I'm making my first book, and have decided to stretch the landscape 8x10 book out to it's 440 page potential.

Anyone get one this big yet? If so, did you like it?

I should have it wrapped up by Friday, and I will be purchasing it at that time. It's mostly full page pictures. Most of them are 3.2MP photos, so I'm hoping they will turn out ok. I didn't get any resolution warnings, so I think I'll be ok.

It's a travel book from 2007. It includes pictures from:

North Dakota
South Dakota

Washington DC
Assateague Island National Seashore
Cuyahoga National Park
Devils Tower NM
The Badlands NP
Mount Rushmore NM
Custer State Park
Chimney Rock NM
Scotts Bluff NM
Rocky Mountain National Park

Should be a fest for the eyes.

I didn't get into too much photoshop, but I did do the front cover and I will attempt two panoramas in the back 4 pages.
Fox&theHound 14 years ago
Wow, that's a big book! I made a 276 page 13x11 but apparently they have been having trouble with the binding in the 13x11 for books over 150 pages. I've had four books total sent to me and they keep having problems. According to customer service they have supposedly fixed this binding issue and are sending me another replacement. Note: I have to keep sending the books back so this is very inconvenient.

Hopefully, your book won't have this problem. Let us know how it turns out!
cngodles 14 years ago
Ordered my book. I'll report back as to how it turns out.
cngodles 14 years ago
Book shipped today. Should be here by Friday.
jbimages 14 years ago
A group here (in OZ) had a 200 or so page book done a couple of weeks ago, the binding has failed on about half the shipment. Sending them back from here will be a major PITA.
cngodles 14 years ago
Comes Wednesday. Of course it's a day that I won't be home until late because we are going to see the "Bodies" exhibit in Pittsburgh.

Binding failed, you mean just fell apart?
cngodles 14 years ago
cngodles 14 years ago
Now I see that my contents page isn't lined up properly. That's what I get for producing a book in 3 days, lol.

Maybe it's just an artistic way of showing it.
Ian_Boys 14 years ago
JBIMAGES - you may not have to send them back. Take a photo of the problem and email it to them. Worked for me!
cngodles Posted 14 years ago. Edited by cngodles (member) 14 years ago
440 pages of awesome

blurb 001

blurb 005

blurb 006

Binding shows thru in about 5 spots (When you open the book, you can see it down to the middle). It's like they pieced together. It's not super huge either at 400 pages. It's exactly as I expected it.

I'll be publishing another 440 pager, 2006 Pictures, in a couple weeks.

Shipping only took from Monday confirmed to Wednesday delivered!

YOzefff 14 years ago
omg ... thats a lot ;-)
sammy baby 14 years ago
Okay, that is a big F-ing book.

I really hope I get a real vacation this year and can try something similar.
iliv4bears 14 years ago
wow, what's a 440 page book cost?????
bitingmidge 14 years ago
I've completed a 280 page 7x7 and it's terrific. Except that the binding failed!

Blurb's customer service is terrific though, and a replacement should be shipped shortly. As I've said on the Blurb forum if there's a problem it's disappointing, but the assistance given in replacing it really eases the pain.

I understand the binding issues have been fixed, we'll know soon enough, but having 400 pages hang together is a good sign!
eringobragh915 14 years ago
How did the resolution turn out on those 3.2MP pictures?

That book looks great!
canomike 14 years ago
I did a 354 page, with the large format (11x13 i think).
Blurb did a fantastic job, every page perfect.
Mostly full page pics.
brave boat [deleted] 14 years ago
The question has been asked above, and I too would like to know, if for morbid curiosity's sake at least. What did this magnificent beast cost (your base price, no shipping costs)?

If you'd rather not say, I'll understand. It's just that when considering whether to produce such a masterpiece, I'd need to take cost into account.

peteshep 14 years ago
artful: Not answering for the above, but you'll get an idea in $US from Blurb site:
the melody censor Posted 14 years ago. Edited by the melody censor (member) 14 years ago
The first book I created with Blurb was for my 365days project completed last year. It was 382 pages and cost $64.95 hardcover before shipping.

365 Days
365 Days a self portrait every day for a year Book Preview Make a book with Blurb

well worth every penny of it too!
cngodles 14 years ago
Resolution on the 3.2MP photos was perfect. You can't tell at all that they are digital pictures.
cngodles 13 years ago
Here I got again. I'm planning another 440 pager. This time, I've spent lots of time trying to visit all 117 state parks in Pennsylvania. I've been to 87 of them so far, so I'm going to start on my book.

I tell you how it turns out. I won't be done taking pictures until Mid September.

Just about all 87 parks worth are in my photostream. Anywhere from 8-40 pictures for each park uploaded.
babiigirl11x 13 years ago
let us know!! im planning on a 200 page 13x11 book and im starting to get nervous about the binding because ive read there are issues sometimes over 100 pages...
cngodles 13 years ago
I'll be continuning work on my second 440 page book throughout this month. It will be of all 120 state parks and conservation areas in Pennsylvania.

I am planning two books. One is a professional book that will not include any of my personal posed pictures from the parks, and the other will be a personal book showcasing the fun we had visiting them all in one Summer.

Here are the cover pages I created for the professional book:

I'm also planning a book that I want to give my mother for Christmas that will be of the countryside surrounding her house.

Blurb, I can has coupon code that is good until December 20th?

I was going to do a 365 book, but I stopped mine after 80 days. They are hard work!
T stars (t-photos) 13 years ago
So can anyone say if the bindings are still problematic or are they fixed by now. I noticed the thread started months ago, so that is why I ask. Getting ready to do a book on a cattle drive and just wondered how big I could push it. Both size and page matter. I do know that libraries only use certain publishing houses because of binding issues.
picturiapress 13 years ago
I've done two blog books each 400+ pages for a client. She ordered several copies for her family and there were no binding issues at all. This was just one month ago, so perhaps it has been resolved. Hope that helps.
Baby Hopes 13 years ago
I've got a 440 pg book sitting on my desktop waiting to be ordered. It's good to see what one looks like in print. Thanks for sharing those images.
davе 12 years ago
hmmm, received my first 440 page 10 x 8 softcover (ordered in the uk, not sure where it was printed) 2 days ago and already 2 pages have come out. is this just something to be expected with a book with that many pages or should i be looking at perhaps getting it replaced.

i don't want to be too demanding with a book that's admittedly pushing the boundaries of what blurb can be expected to produce but i'm a bit disappointed that presumably it's just going to get worse every time i gingerly go through my photos with other people.

anyone getting no probs with a 440 page book or got any advice?

blurbbooks 12 years ago
Hi there, TA. This is Nick from Blurb. I'd encourage you to file a ticket with Customer Support:
deathtiny42 12 years ago

I'm planning on doing a book with 365+ pages. It seem to still be problems with the binding ?

Do you know if other websites have the same problems ? (Inkubook, MyPublisher, ...) ?

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