Pascal Kerouche 4:26pm, 20 March 2008
Hey everybody, I am trying to enter the "Photography Book Now Contest" by Blurb ( ) ... only question I have is, I am from Germany.

So the Rules of the page state the following:

"The Photography.Book.Now Salon and Symposium Competition ("Contest") is open to English-speaking adults, who are the age of 18 years (...) and resident in an English-speaking, non-U.S.-embargoed country ("Contestants")."

Well I can say my english is almost perfect (I used to live in NY for a couple years) but Germany is not an completly english-speaking country, I mean well everybody learns it at school so does that count?

I was trying to contact blurb directly but I havent found any email yet.

Thank you for your answeres!!!!

comfortable trail [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by blurbbooks (admin) 14 years ago
Hi Pascal -
Ah the wonderful world of legalese. We've gotten a few questions similar to yours. As a result the Rules page was recently updated. They now state:

The Photography.Book.Now Salon and Symposium Competition ("Contest") is open to English-speaking adults, who are the age of 18 years (or of the age of majority in jurisdictions where the age of majority is over 18 years and where such Contests are legal), and resident in a non-U.S.-embargoed country where such Contests are legal given the Rules as published ("Contestants").

Outside the world of lawyers, this means that each country has a different take on whether contests such as P.B.N. are legal. For example, some countries such as France require that the rules must be provided in French.

So, it's up to the individual to make sure they can participate based on your own country's rules around this type of contest. I'm sorry I couldn't answer this more directly. Anyone know the specific rules in Germany?
-Chad (Blurb evangelist)
Pascal Kerouche 14 years ago
Cool, thank you, Im trying to find it out.
Donna Molinari 12 years ago
I live in the US, so this means I am not able to enter this contest, because I live in the USA - are US Citizens not allowed to participate in this contest? I am creating a book now and I didn't want to rush if I am NOT ALLOWED to enter. The rules are not very clear at all -- it should really say who and who cannot join in plain English. If you are not a lawyer it is not easy to understand.

Thanks in advance for your help.
blurbbooks Posted 12 years ago. Edited by blurbbooks (admin) 12 years ago
Hi, Donna.

Going on geography alone, you are eligible to participate in the competition.

-Amanda (Community development)
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