embarrassed deer [deleted] 9:14am, 14 September 2009
so I am from Europe and when I get the cheques even in euros they are from a foreing banks with imply big bank taxes here and I cannot get my money because if I want to get the cheque I have to pay even more!

It is ridiculous
I have told blurb that it is not fair
they make money on my back with the book I have sold but I cannot get my profit
so I have asked them why we can buy the book with paypal and cannot get paid with paypal and still no real answer
they just say they are thinking about doing so later
I wish they could include bank transfers and paypal as ways to be paid because it would be fair for all artist so that we wont have taxes to pay.

I am even thinking of beginning a petition, but I guess I would need a lot of people....
it just really piss me off.

Especially because I have a book ready and the profits would go to charity here in France, but it would not be fair that the charity would have bank taxes to pay right?

if anyone knows some better place to publish book with a payments via paypal or bank transfers thank you so much for letting me know
*Louise** Posted 12 years ago. Edited by *Louise** (member) 12 years ago
I have the same problem (I also live in France) ... They sent me a check for 24€ but with the bank's fees I had 13.04€ left... :((( Really not fair. We should be able to be paid through Paypal.

En France les banques c'est vraiment n'importe quoi.. :((
kathybad 12 years ago

We at Blurb really appreciate your candid feedback about our Set Your Price program. You are not alone in expressing your desire for us to offer the option to receive your payments in PayPal.

As you know, we currently handle transactions via multiple banks. For U.S. customers, we use a U.S. bank. For UK and European customers, we issue checks from the Bank of Scotland. For customers in Australia, we issue checks from West Pac. In no case do we ever keep the royalty or markup ourselves past the small $5 USD (or equivalent) processing fee. Even though your check is in euros, we know that in some cases, bank fees for checks eat into your profit. That said, we totally understand the benefits of payment via PayPal and hope to offer this option soon.

Apologies for the inconveniences you’ve had, and many thanks for your patience with Blurb.

– Kathy
Surrey Winter 12 years ago
Kathy - you should be looking at making the payments from Bank of Scotland by direct transfer rather than by cheque. Cheques between European countries are not really used in Europe and so attract very high bank charges. A SEPA direct transfer or similar should attract much lower charges and will involve less admin load on your A/P department.

The following link has some details but HBOS (Bank of Scotland) should be able to advise.
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
i ahvent sold a book yet, but i think its grossly unfair. and paying by paypal wouldnt be much better either...they take a cut of it too. you would be far better selling direct to the buyer, then ordering it from blurb yourslef, then posting it to the buyer that'll cut blurb out of the equasion.

tell blurb you intend to do that and im sure they will sort it out quicker
tina-m 12 years ago
Actually, the double postage costs (from Blurb then to the customer) would make direct sales probably about the same.

Paypal's fee is only a small set fee + 3.9% international, far less than a typical 10euro or so standard bank fee for international check. :( For Louise's 24Euro payment the Paypal fee would only have been just over 1euro. I'm in the UK so fortunately don't have this problem, but feel for the Euro folk.
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
im UK too, but i would do it anyway, just to deny Blurb the chance of making money out of me. thats the great british spirit for ya! LOL
mundane desk [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by mundane desk (member) 12 years ago
How amazing that the country that sees itself as leading in technology still uses the money transfer system from the 1970s. Hey's 2009 now. Blurb, you use our Dutch quality printers, why not use our quality money transfer system too. Cheaper for everyone.

(Having said this, I also have to say Blurbs price/quality ratio is the best I know)
kathybad 12 years ago

Love the suggestions for alternate ways to get your profits to you. I passed this idea along to a few folks and it started a good discussion for sure. PayPal is still an option we are looking into as well. We're considering a number of improvements to this program in the coming year, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, thanks for the suggestions.

– Kathy
João Pedro Neves 12 years ago

Just wanted to leave my feedback here.

I am from Portugal and a few days ago I received a RBS check of €16 from my profits in blurb (which were €20 before the €4 fee blurb deducts).
When I tried to deposit the check in my bank here in Portugal they informed me that there were a bank fee of €15 and that they didn't know if RBS would charge any additional fee.
I ended up not depositing the check, as you can imagine.

About three months ago I sent and email to blurb asking for other ways to get the profits: Paypal, bank transfer, even as a blurb credit to buy other books there.
The answer was negative: blurb only pays by check.
At the time I didn't suspected that my bank would charge this fee...

I also asked blurb if it was possible to raise the profit limit above the €20. The answer was also negative.

In this circumstances, I won't publish any more books at blurb and I would advice anyone that asks me to don't do it also (unless they only want a copy for themselves).

We are almost in 2010 and you guys still use checks?!
We have so many alternatives this days that I can't understand this option...

Bottom line: my €20 profit turned... into €0.

I'm very upset with this. Blurb service is very good in all other aspects but with this policy have you just lost one client.

Thanks for reading,

João Neves
aleene 12 years ago
At the moment the RBS cheque option is totally useless. 90% of my profits would go to the bank. As I do not want to give so much money to the bank, I do not cash the cheques.

Maybe I must open an account with RBS in the UK? Or could I go to another branch of the UK in another country. Or should I cash them at sometime when I am in the UK?

Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
RBS? is that the royal bank of scotland?

i am in the UK, but havent had any sales yet so wouldnt know.
Glow* 12 years ago
Is there any improvement 7 months later ? Paypal ?
yonosey712 12 years ago
Why not blame the greedy banks instead of Blurb? The idea that your bank charges that much to cash a check is outrageous. They are gouging you. Complain to your banks.
deathtiny42 12 years ago
Is there any improvement 8 months later? Paypal?

I'm gonna order and sell the books myself otherwise... :/
enthusiast 12 years ago
João Pedro Neves - you raise an excellent solution!

Why not have the option of issuing a credit to your blurb account?

You'd think that would be real easy to set up, and a win-win for those who want that option - the win for blurb is the money is spent on more product through them, rather than spending the money elsewhere!!
blurbbooks 12 years ago
Hey, everyone. We are working on improvements to our payment system, and will be announcing something to SYP members before the end of the year.

enthusiast: A credit system is very interesting! How many users would be interested in that sort of thing?

-- amanda (community @ blurb)
Pixsmiths 12 years ago
I would be interested in a credit system - always doing photo books for holidays, wedding etc..
trAvelpig 12 years ago
i'd be interested too!
retrophotouk 12 years ago
at least you're getting payments...mine is now 2 months late and still nothing...nowt..nada! I think i'll be looking elsewhere on the nest publication. very poor!
Well Ive just uploaded my book to Blurb, but I cant edit my address, set my price, or even buy my own book! Every time I go to edit anything im told to log in again and again and again???

Not the service I was expecting at all, contacted customer support and heard nothing!

Is this normal or are they having problems with the website???
kathybad 12 years ago

Customer support should definitely be able to help you with these things. And we've been replying to emails within an hour or quicker lately. I don't know what your Blurb username is so I can't reach out to you personally. Are you sure you filled out a support ticket? I posted some instructions in our forums. If these don't help, please let me know.

– Kathy
Hi Kathy,

Thanks for the reply. Yes I filled out the customer support form, still not heard anything back though? Tried to order my book again today and still no joy??
All sorted :) Seems Internet Explorer doesnt like Blurb.

Switched to Firefox and all is fine now :)

Thanks. 12 years ago
Blurb needs to get the prices down where we can sell some books. 12 years ago
I sold one book awhile back, and now blurb does not show it as a sale. I never got a check either.
Signed Disappointed
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