The tamed shrew 1:08pm, 16 October 2009
I've just ordered a book to be printed and it has been dispatched.

Since I want this one to check it out before ordering more, I went the trackable route for dispatch.

I live in Scotland, but I know that most mail gets to me from wherever, in 3 days.
So far, my book has been in the Netherlands for two days and is now in Paris! A somewhat strange route to get to me.

Anyone else in the UK wondered where your book is being printed and how it gets to you?


The tamed shrew 12 years ago
Well, for anyone else in the UK, here's the info.
Netherlands - Paris - Stansted - you.
I live on an offshore Island, so mine took a little longer.

Be very careful with your address. FedEx labelling is rubbish. Compress if you need to, but get your location (county) in the right place. As I said, I live on an offshore Island and my Island name was unfortunately not on the FedEx label! So, I'm suprised it got me me at all. Thanks goodness for Postcodes.

The Netherland print quality was excellent.

Navas 12 years ago
Mine shipped on the 16th and I'm still waiting. Like you, post normally takes three days from anywhere in Europe. I only live an hour's drive away from Stansted.
With the postal strike tomorrow and Friday, it seems unlikely that it will be arriving before next week :-( A pity really as I'm going away on Friday and was hoping to be able to take it with me to show somebody :-(
The tamed shrew 12 years ago
What a shame! Mine shipped on the 14th, but hit Stansted three days later. I know, it is very frustrating. I only sent for one copy to proof read! The whole journey took from the 14th to the 21st - it just seemed longer.
The quality is good though, so I will probably resubmit my edited book and get a few for sale locally.

By the way, I think it will be courier delivered, not Royal Mail, so you might be lucky. Hope so!
image freak 12 years ago
I always plan on 10 days in the post from the time I receive the dispatched email. That way I'm always pleased when I get it beforehand.
Navas 12 years ago
I took the "economy" option, and when I re-visited the Blurb site I was quite disappointed to see that they said it could take up to 20 days. I suppose they say that to cover themselves. My book arrived yesterday (22nd Oct), so took 6 days from dispatch. It arrived via DHL. Unfortunately, due to a family crisis, my planned journey is taking a different direction :-(
But the book is great - premium paper - lovely quality and printing :-)
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
mine has only once been to paris then stansted.
usually.....and i always book priority comes from netherlands, brussels, then somewhere else in Uk but not stansted....err cant remember. then to me.

just a tip, order before wednesday and it will get to you quicker, but if its after a weds, then it will spread over two weekends, cos it hits UK on a friday, UPS dont deliver on a saturday so it sits in UPS storage til the monday. do it before a weds and it gets to UK by thursday, and delevered by friday.....missing out the weekednd..
historical stream [deleted] 12 years ago
Mine went Netherlands - Stanstead - my house

Dispatch date was Thurs 22nd & it was delivered Mon 26th :-)

I went for the trackable option, the second one, cost about £10 & it came by FedEx.

Navas… was the economy option the untrackeable one? I assumed that was Royal Mail so didn't go for that option for fear of my book sitting in a backlog in a warehouse for weeks! Surely DHL is trackable though, as it's a courier?
Navas 12 years ago
♥Sazzle♥, yes the economy option was non-trackable. I also assumed it would be Royal Mail for a while, but it turned out not to be the case. It definitely had DHL on the label.
Leo Reynolds Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Leo Reynolds (member) 12 years ago
Nov 10, 2009 9:24 AM > Nov 13, 2009 1:56 PM
Netherlands > Paris > Stansted > Norwich > my house
f8125 Posted 12 years ago. Edited by f8125 (member) 12 years ago
I can't believe my books got printed in America and then travelled 5000 miles to the U.K. Why didn't they get printed in Europe? My books started off in Seattle USA. Read from bottom to top.

Blurb shipping route to U.K.

However, my client was very happy with the books.
kycamlewis 12 years ago
Well I'm curious as to where mine is, Ive just had yet another reply from customer support which has just added a few more days to the delivery deadline this now exceeds the last by a month! and it's after Christmas thanks very much as it was a present. Great first order I'm really impressed!
The tamed shrew 12 years ago
Oh what a shame.
I've had three orders now. The first Netherlands/Paris/Stansted/Inverness/Stornoway. The second Netherlands/Stansted/Inverness/Stornoway - and the third by the first route. They have taken a week to get to me, so not too bad really. They always seem to get stuck at Stansted over a weekend.
Hope you get yours soon!
kycamlewis 12 years ago
Thank I'm still without books and having a laugh(not) at a customer feedback survey... well they asked!
tom fairclough 12 years ago
Ordered on Nov 23rd, dispatched on 30th, 15th December has been and gone and still waiting, 10 people anxious about their christmas presents (or they would be if they knew what they were getting).
The tamed shrew 12 years ago
What a shame. I must have been so lucky with my last order. Presents are on their way and the shop only has 2 left! Maybe the last ten will go to the shop soon. :o)
Pixsmiths 12 years ago
@tom fairclough - exactly the same for me, ordered on 23rd Nov, dispatched on 30th....still waiting.

Got a reply from customer service today to contact them again if not arrived by 25th Dec. I hope it arrives its a Christmas present of a wedding book for friends. Their wedding pictures have neve been put in an album and were deteriorating. I scanned and restored them and made a book - total surprise for the bride.
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
i always track my books and have NEVER seen them arrive in Sleaford.....which is actually the little town where i live. :)
tom fairclough 12 years ago
........................Still waiting, if the intention is to drop them down my chimney on christmas eve I won't be happy as I've got my own deliveries to make.
Pixsmiths 12 years ago
still waiting too, and not happy....
tom fairclough 12 years ago
Customer services have said in rare cases they take more than 15 days, I am that rare case but they don't seem to bothered, almost automated, and please contact us if not arrived by 30th now. I think I'll make them presents for next christmas (or I would if they were presents from me, they are for other people to give as presents).
kycamlewis 12 years ago
@tom fairclough and pixsmiths
I ordered my first batch on the 22 Nov. also, they never turned up! I had numerous emails with BlurbCS and yes it did feel automated to a point, the expected date passed and they just kept moving the date till it was after Christmas, not good! So I waited and then decided to risk another order and use the free/reduced fast track shipping(trackable) as I was going to be present less! well Surprise they turned up, the second order that is. They were perfect and on time.

I have just filled out a reorder form with Blurb which I'm hoping will be dispatched promptly, I know it's not my addy as the others arrived!
Fingers crossed for you both, keep the email pressure on.
Pixsmiths Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Pixsmiths (member) 12 years ago
thanks for that kycamlewis

book has still not turned up - i don't think it ever will.
Yes you are right prob automated e-mails.
I ordered under their so called great offer of 20% off and free delivery
I'd rather have paid full price and got it delivered on time.

Don't worry they will get more unhappy emails - it was a major disappointment for the husband not to have this book for his wife as a special present.
tom fairclough 12 years ago
Same here, unfortunately my order was for 10 books, that's 9 presents not received. Not happy. Quite a sum of money as well and money that had to be re-spent because christmas presents are for christmas..
Pixsmiths Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Pixsmiths (member) 12 years ago
makes me wonder if they were just too busy and didn't even print them and we just got fobbed off with excuses
Pixsmiths 12 years ago
still no book - sent a snotty e-mail to Blurb and they have now conceded to print another and send ASAP and upgrade the posting
tom fairclough Posted 12 years ago. Edited by tom fairclough (member) 12 years ago
Still none for me either, as it was 10 I ordered they may be more reluctant to print 10 new copies but they did send me a feedback form, rated 1-10 on their response. They scored 4 from 30 in terms of their responsiveness from me. Still, they may send eventually in which case I've got next years christmas presents sorted. (just missed my nieces birthday on the 29th as well).

To rub it in I ordered another book in December (when I thought the first order was still on its way) which came quickly but unfortunately seven of the pages had grid lines printed through the photographs. So far they have failed to respond to my e-mail on that one after 2 days, it looks like they've probably got me down as a trouble maker now when all I want is what I've paid for.
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
well i uploaded my latest book on 24th Dec, and have checked and tracked it and it is completed and in transit at the moment. they have given me a delivery date of 8th Jan, yet my original delivery date had been 6th jan. but how can it take til 8th jan yet its already in transit? usually once its picked up by fedex or UPS, its usually only 4-5 days. i ordered priority post.
then again, i once ordered a book and it came a day before the due date. we'll see.
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
its in Paris
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
its at i cant see it taking til friday to get to me surely? surely tuesday by the latest i hope.
The tamed shrew 12 years ago
I hope so too. :)
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
SOOOOOOO. still in Stansted. i rang FEDEX and they said it was because BLURB had only sent it ECONOMY post, so i checked my order and i paid for Priority post, so i emailed Blurb. they answered me.....sarcasticly saying, ''yes you did pay priority, but that equates to Economy when its international' maybe thats why you are confused.

i emailed them back stating i am not confused at all, thank you very much, but the way they charge for posting, is purpose built to confuse their clients, of which i will no longer be one. i ordered a 104 page book and paid almost £11 p/p, and i think its disgusting that my book is sitting in stansted since yesterday, and i have to wait til friday.

when they used to use UPS, it was delivered straight away, as soon as it hit UK more or less.
Pixsmiths 12 years ago
well Blurb reprinted my book 28th Dec and had an e-mail today to say it was dispatched (express and trackable)....10 mins later had call from hubby to say he'd missed a delivery by fedex by 20 mins....yes book is now in Chester, UK and will be collected tomorrow rather than wait in all day (they couldn't specify morning or afternoon for delivery.
Just hope the printing is up to scratch and no problems with it
tom fairclough 12 years ago
And Blurb have very kindly said they would print mine as well (Not until January the 12th though) so I should be well in time for next christmas. At least they did respond (I'll post when it arrives as I've almost forgotten what it was).
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
received the book today funnily enough! LOL

i had an issue with the printing of it though, and emailed them last week. the problem was that on Booksmart it is perfectly ok, my double page spreads look fine, yet when i go into the bookstore and look at the preview of it, the double page spreads are out of alignment. i emailed them and they ASSURED me the finished book will be just what i see in Booksmart, and that the book preview was not a true representation of the finshed book, but it HAS arrived with these issues, the pages out of alignment.
if it was something i did, then surely ALL of the book would be at fault but it is only the fist 20 pages.
emailed them and they have asked for photos of it, i will send them but they only have to look at the preview to see the problem.

i thought i was well on track for time with this book. i promised it to the bride and groom by mid to end of jan, but thought i'd get it done in good time, and surprise them with it. if i have to get another one, then it may not be on time, or worst still, LATE!

what a pisser!
kycamlewis 12 years ago
Well, finally got my reordered batch today nov. to jan. not bad eh!
I'm not 100% impressed with the printing on the pages of the imagewrap the paper seems a poorer quality than the softback and I'm getting show through which I didn't with the other softcovers, I wonder can I be bothered?!
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
i have black pages so havent got show through, but some of the pages are rippled and wavy, sort of. only slightly i know, but all the same, i paid for perfect.

My publisher is by far the better quality option, but when you want so many pages, blurb is more affordable, but definately, if you only want 10 pages (20 sides) then i'd go for Mypublisher every time. and they ALWAYS have the offer of buy one get one free, and sometimes they have a free P/P aswell.
FairyGG 12 years ago
I also ordered on Nov 22nd and finally got approval for reprints yesterday. Not happy and neither are my grandmothers who were promised them for Christmas...

Has anyone been offered any extra compensation?
tom fairclough 12 years ago
No but my reprints are in Stanstead (Posted 6th Seattle, been to Memphis), due tomorrow (8th)
Pixsmiths 12 years ago
No extra compo, just upgraded delivery for reprint - got it yesterday. All OK with book and quality
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
mine was uploaded december 24th, i knew it would be delayed and wasnt in a rush for it, but i would have preferred it perfect .

when and if they offer me a re-print, i want then to ask for a quicker delivery service, because by then, i will be in a rush for it.
tom fairclough 12 years ago
Route Seattle 6th 4.38pm Memphis 7th, Stanstead 7th, Manchester 8th, Delivery planned before 6pm on 8th but.........snow, local delivery delay.
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
Blurb emailed me to say re-do the book and they will re-print.

but i have asked for express shipping this time as the fault was not mine and i am now on a deadline.
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
did your book come tom?
Dwro8ea 12 years ago
I ordered mine (40 pages) on the 2nd of January. I asked for economy deliver cause it was not a rush. It was shipped on the 6th of January. today it's the 12th and still no book. I guess I'll wait till the end of the week.

Tom have your books arrived yet??? What a pain they put u through.. They should give you money back!

Anne does MyPublisher ship to Europe?

I also heard from my friend who lives in NY that Kodak books are amazing. The colours on the pictures are amazing but you got limited choice on how to display the photos in the book.
tom fairclough 12 years ago
Yes, Indeed they have at last and I've been dishing out christmas presents left, right and centre. Thanks for asking. We did have one last hitch (not due to blurb) as they took 40 hours to get from Seattle to Manchester (via memphis and stanstead) and, because of the weather, 76 hours to get from Manchester to Formby, which is about 30-40 miles.
Karley Knight 12 years ago
mine was deliverd on the 20th of december 7 days after ordering.

sheffield ( it actually to the longest time from london to Sheff, which really does say something about royal mail) : /
Pixsmiths 12 years ago
good to hear - seems like there was a black hole with the late Nov print orders. Had a call from couple I did my book for last night and they were over the moon.
Pixsmiths 12 years ago
Ha! my original book despatched end of Nov has just turned up in the post - 14th Jan - how many days is that!
Dwro8ea 12 years ago
Mine dispatched on the 2nd, today is the 15th,,no book yet..
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
my book has now been despatched and i have tracked it, its in transit and its due here on Monday.

@ dwro8ea
yes, Mypublisher do deliver to europe, i have them and i live in UK
and as a matter of interest, they are up to 50% off at the minute, for the next ten days.
Dwro8ea 12 years ago
How's the quality compared to Blurb? I mean the colours and the binding. In my first book with Blurb I noticed the darks were darker when printed. A friend of mine that printed with Kodak before said the colours were exactly like in the original photo. That darker thing concerns me a bit.
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
i actually think Mypublisher is better than Blurb in quality. the book sizes are nicer too, and the quality and feel of the book is superior IMHO, but they are slightly more expensive. they have offers of 2 for 1 all the time, but if you dont want 2 books, its not that much good really. i would rather have the money off the book.
Mypublishers standard is 10 pages (20 sides) then you pay per page after that, not sure if its £1 or £2 per page. thats why i go for blurb, because there standard is 40 sides, then for another £5-10 you get another 40 sides, and usually i make books up to 80 pages and Mypublisher would be too expensive to do 80 pages.

the sizes in Mypublisher are actually easier to set a design on, too. P/P is relatively cheap. if i only wanted a 30-30 page book, i would go for Mypublisher.
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
Hmmmmm, i am wrong!

i just worked out how much an 80 page Mypublisher would be, cos 80 is usally what i do, it would be approx $90.......£60! so that actually the same price as Blurb, and a much better book.
because there is an offer on at the minute, its 25% off if you spend $50, and 50% off if you spend $100, so i had to make up the pages to 86 to make the order $100, then i'd get the 50% off, works out to £65.50, then get 50% off...........£33!!!!!! for an 86 page book. then there will be the p/p on top, which is $25........£15!

the book is superior quality and measures approx 12x16, really big when you have the pages open.
i have 3 weddings i am waiting on, so getting in touch today to see if they are ready, going to try to get these 3 books ordered while the offer is on, the p/p is also a bit cheaper for additional books, $5 per book, so if i could order all 3 it will save loads. hmmmm, i have 8 days, not sue if i can do all 3 , but definnately could do 2.
image freak 12 years ago
I just visited the MyPublisher website and had an awful time trying to run the 'how to' video. In the end the site froze on me. Don't think I will be using them.
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
oh really?, i have used them before and i found them pretty easy TBH.
Dwro8ea 12 years ago
That was very informative Anne. I'll keep an eye. But I pretty much like Blurb except of the slightly darker printing on some of the photos.

Btw.. I received my book 3 days ago and it looks great! It was printed in Netherlands and like other people said the printing was very nice. Nice colours, even though my photos in this particular book were pretty moody cause there was overcast that day. Loved it! Nice binding too! I'll post some shots probably tonight.
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