Raggedy Anne. 1:55pm, 27 December 2009
well i have now designed approx 6 blurb books and all have been fine. i use PS to design my pages and upload to booksmart onto a blank page. all ok so far.

this time i have uploaded a bigger book, thicker than usual, 104 page wedding album.

on booksmart all pages are perfect, but now i have ordered it, and go onto blurb website and look at the book preview, all the pages are out of alignment! so i know before it arrives that its wrong.

i went back onto boksmart to check and it is definately correct, so do any of you have this experience? or any advice at all please?

i have emailed them with my concerns and waiting for an answer.

i know that when i fisrt uploaded, that the pages were perfect, but i do see now that looking in booksmart, there is a gap between the 2 pages, which wasnt there before. now this would be ok for single page uploads, but a lot of my pages were double page spreads so look wrong. the first half of the book are out of alignment, yet the second part of the book isnt, so if it was my mistake, then surely it would all be wrong, and not just half of it?

Hmmmmm. not happy
Ian_Boys 12 years ago
I had this and there was nothing wrong with the book when it came.
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
oh thats a relief. thanks for telling me.
i did just get a respnse from them and they said the same, but i wasnt sure wethert o belive them or not. but i believe people here.
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
their assurances were not correct. the book DID have the problem when it came so i have emailed them and im mega pissed off.

waiting for a response.
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
oh they responded by asking me to photograph the pages and send them in an email to them . done that. now waiting for a reply again!

its pissing me off, cos each time they make me wait, i have to make my bride and groom wait.
Violentz 12 years ago
Well....Bride and Grooms should expect to wait for their albums. These things usually take a lot of time anyway. :o) Hopefully it will all work out.
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
well they emailed to say it was a fault, on there part, so upload again and they will pay, so i have uploaded it, just waiting for the voucher code to purchase it. i have asked them to upgrade the posting to express, cos i am not paying £24 .
tom fairclough Posted 12 years ago. Edited by tom fairclough (member) 12 years ago
I had an unusual one with a book. Created in Booksmart, no problem, ordered the book and on 6 pictures there were gridlines that did not show on the original, and it was appearing in the preview but I'd not looked that closely. They requested photographs and a copy of the original as a Jpg which I sent then they suggested the problem was with the original picture of mine. They did kindly offer me a voucher for a reprint so no problem.

However another book I had ordered came (this time from the USA) with a bigger version of the same picture and absolutely fine so maybe the problem was not as originally stated with the photo at my end. I'm not pursuing it because they are replacing and I think they are probably fed up with me know but it is a mystery where this grid came from, sharpening patterns only showed on significant enlargment.

Bottom line, did not show in booksmart but did in preview, preview is what came in the post.
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
well they sent me the vocher code, with enough for express shipping which is great. i als paid extra for the premium paper which i had forgotten to do with the earlier book so im pleased in a way that i had to re-order.
Glow* 12 years ago
is the new one ok now ?
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
the new one is perfect thanks. i now know that before i order in futi=ure, i will look at the preview first, because thats more accurate than booksmart, showing what you will ACTUALLY get.
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