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Raggedy Anne. 9:56am, 16 January 2010
did you know, that once your book is uploaded to Blurb, you can turn the bk preview on straight away?
well, i thought that you could only preview it ONCE you had ordered it.....has this changed recently? because i went to edit book summary to turn on ''preview all pages'', and was able to look at all pages of my book, then when i was satisfied, i ordered the book. this was handy , because i had had problems with differences in booksmart and preview, so IF this is a new thing, its great, and if its been there all along...............then i'm just going to take myself outside to have a word with myself, and maybe give myself a slap!

i had a problem withmy latest book, with the preview looking different to bookmsmart, and the book arrived EXACTLY the same as the preview, this would have saved all that , i complained and got another book printed, (still waiting for it to arrive) but if i had known about the preview, i would have just persevered till i got it looking right.
i uploaded another book, and again , in the preview it looked wrong, so i ended up doing it 3 times til i liked what i saw, and then ordered it.

i always knew about the preview, and also knew that recently it had chnged to allow to see all pages instead of just the first 15, but i thought it could only be previwed once it had been ordered.

is this new? or has it always been this way?
James_Shook 12 years ago
I think you can preview the book before you order it, although I can't swear to it. You have 15 days to order an new uploaded book. I also believe that a preview may take a day or two to appear. You now get a full preview if you put you book up for sale (Enter your price program.)

It would be better to ask this on one of the blurb help forums where someone who knows for sure can respond.
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
@dan....................what i'm saying is you CAN preview your book, but that i have only just found that out, and wondered if this had always been the case, or is it recent.
loricherokee 12 years ago
I also was able to preview all the pgs in my last book before I ordered a copy. I hadn't even made it public when I previewed it. This was back in Nov 09. The Blurb help forums keep saying that you need to set a price for your book to do this but I had not set a price because I was pretty sure no one was going to buy it. I have 3 books in the Bookstore & have received some very nice comments but no sales. I think very few books in the Bookstore sell.
kathybad 12 years ago
Hi everyone,

I think I can help answer a few of the questions posted above. First of all, this FAQ explains how to set your preview. You have a choice of showing no preview, just the cover, the first 15 pages, a collection of pages you choose, or the entire book. The latter two options are available to only those enrolled in Set Your Price or entrants in last year's Photography.Book.Now competition.

You can turn on a preview as soon as you've uploaded your book to Just remember that you have 15 days to actually order your book. The preview gives your potential customers the opportunity to order the book within those 15 days.

Oh, and I can attest that we sell plenty of books in the Blurb Bookstore.

Hope this helps.

– Kathy
loricherokee 12 years ago
As I said in my comment above, I was able to preview all the pgs in my book before I made it public. I did it again several days ago w/my fourth book. It was private at the time & I had not Set My Price because it's not intended for sale. It's public now because there apparently was a glitch w/the ID no. - people I wanted to see the book were having troube opening it even tho I could open it using the ID no. Congrats on selling lots of books. I think you're in the minority though.
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