cabledawgtke 6:52pm, 13 January 2010
Why is this pool filled with random photographs? I want to see pics of people's books, not random photos.

Are the moderators non-existant?

Quit spamming the group people...
James_Shook 12 years ago
I agree. As far as I know, no one "official" has looked in on this group in months.
apricotX 12 years ago
....and they're not just random, they're AWFUL!
Dwro8ea 12 years ago
I always wondered that! Good call bringing it up!
James_Shook 12 years ago
There is at least one person from blurb who has a flickr account.
Evidently they don't bother with this group although they are a member of it.
cabledawgtke 12 years ago
apricotX: Agreed. Its like people are flooding the group w/ the most random crap, most of which is pretty meh-tacular. No offense to you photographers, but they just aren't anything special. And they certainly don't relate in any way to Blurb Books.

Best part is that they are probably doing it to get their pics on Explore by exposing them to more people. But no one here gives a damn about them since they aren't books and posting images to tons of groups will actually HURT your ability to get Explore'd

Oh well...

It will be interesting to see how long it takes an official Blurbarian to respond and take action.
James_Shook 12 years ago
This issue has been raised before and there was no response from any moderator(s).
The tamed shrew 12 years ago
Looking at the membership of this group, we seem to have 5 Admins and no Moderators. Don't know the best way to deal with it, but I'd suggest that anyone who wants to be a Mod here should fmail one or all of the Admins and suggest that course of action.
And no! Not me, I've got my hands full elsewhere. :)
tom fairclough 12 years ago
Lesson is don't post here if you hope Blurb are using it to pick up customer feedback and issues, they're not listening
kathybad 12 years ago
Hey guys,

Thanks for raising this question. How to moderate all of the images being posted to this group is something we're desperately trying to figure out. In the meantime, please be patient and continue to flag spam and the like when you see it.

As for Blurb monitoring the posts, you better believe we do. We read every single post and jump in when necessary to direct people to the proper resource or to simply get involved in the conversation.

Thanks for you input!

tom fairclough 12 years ago
I take it back but at least we know now. Thanks.
Paul Holman 12 years ago
"How to moderate all of the images being posted to this group is something we're desperately trying to figure out."

Just start deleting them from the pool, it's easy enough. If your current admin team haven't the time, ask for more volunteers.

To prevent future problems try limiting the number of photos group members can upload. I doubt there is much need to upload more than two or three photos a week to show off Blurb books.
Raggedy Anne. 12 years ago
i thiin people are using this as a dumping ground, like free online storage.
i have just fmailed all 5 admins and asked them to either make a few admins/moderators, or have a bit more presence in the group. we'll see how long that takes.
James_Shook 12 years ago
I just did a quick check. I see pages and pages of photos that don't seem to have anything to do with blurb. They might be pictures that are in blurb books, but my strong suspicion is that most are not. People just dump them here for no reason that I can think of.

Since this place is just a unattended dumping ground with no one serving as a filter, this group as a filter, I think I'll just quit fore now and look in after a while and see if things have changed.

kathybad: "How to moderate all of the images being posted to this group is something we're desperately trying to figure out."

Actually it's pretty easy. i've done this in other groups. Set up a review queue and appoint five or so moderators to review each submission. Require a tag that is a URL for their book on the site. No URL, no putting your pictures in the group. Done.
kathybad 12 years ago
I appreciate the ideas, folks. We'll get something going soon and will keep you posted.

Thanks again!

Violentz 12 years ago
I'd rather have NO photos in the pool than photos that don't belong. They should set up the group so an admin. or moderator has to approve the images that are entered. Blurb needs to step up to the plate and do the job, or promote a few reliable group members as moderators to do the job for them.
comfortable trail [deleted] 12 years ago
hey crew. all good points, and apologies that we haven't cleaning the pool of photo SPAM as regularly as we used to. As Kathy said, we do keep daily track of the conversations, just haven't been deleting image daily though we did limit the number of images one could post and have actually kicked a few people out over the last few months.

December is and the new year is always a bit of a crazy busy time at Blurb HQ and so some of our other responsibilities have taken a hit. We have a couple new faces that you'll be seeing participate in the group soon and we do have a few volunteer moderators that we'll be reaching out to in the near future.

thanks for bearing with us and kicking our ass a bit every now and then. cheers, chad
Leo Reynolds Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Leo Reynolds (member) 12 years ago
Flickr Group Trackr graph

Over 1000 photos have been removed and I can see loads of book photos. Hooray!

I've added a couple of Blurb book photos to celebrate.
apricotX 12 years ago
now you're talking! nothing but beautiful books! hooray!
cabledawgtke 12 years ago
Thank you Blurb HQ and my fellow Blurbarians for helping put this forum back on track!
Leo Reynolds 12 years ago
Doh! That didn't last long. The books seem to be overrun with seagulls now.
blurbbooks 12 years ago
Don't worry we've cleaned it out again - it might take a few days here and there but we will get rid of the spam I promise!!

Thanks for your patience
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