Moritz Beierlein 6:30pm, 28 January 2010
Hey guys,
I just want to start my first blurb book and I have some questions about the image size. I read somewhere on blurb that the images should have sRGB ICC profile and that the image resolution should be between 150dpi and 300 dpi. It also said that images should not be much bigger, otherwise problems in printing could occure.

So can you help me:
1. Do I need to save the sRGB ICC Profile to each JPG file (attach the profile) or is it ok to design the images and same them in sRGB withouth attaching the profile?

2. I mostly have highres Images. Do I need to smaller them to at max. 300 dpi? my images ar about 21 megapixles so normally I would have just put in the images at highres into BookSmart. Is this ok or will there be lot's of artefacts due to reducing the size?

Hope you can help me.

Thank you and good light
skylove...busy 12 years ago
I did some experiment using blurb. at first, I order 2 books with different resolutions:
On my first book, i convert my raw file to jpeg then resize it to 800megapix. the output is not good at all. Waste of money

My 2nd one was better. I use high res images, i didnt change the original size. I convert the raw file to jpg using PS3 - sRGB IEC61966-2.1. each images is between 6.5MB to 7MB

On fullframe camera like 5D for example, most raw file is between 11.5 to 13mb but once you convert it to jpeg the megapixels is lower.
Make sure your monitor is well calibrated and do a soft proofing before you order a book to make sure the color is correct and there's no noise.
peteshep 12 years ago
If using BookSmart, I found it best to:
Hover cursor over photo box which then displays optimum size at 300dpi (or equivalent), then set each photo accordingly, before inserting. Takes a bit of time, but ensures best results. (Some subsequent shrinking in BookSmart still OK).
There's plenty on this in the Blurb Forums.

P :-)
loricherokee 12 years ago
I agree w/peteshep. I also use the optimum size indicated for the size container I'm using. I've read the forums re monitor calibration & color profiles & never could figure it out. I've done 4 books & the photos have printed perfectly.
image freak Posted 12 years ago. Edited by image freak (member) 12 years ago
I use an EOS 5d and Photoshop CS2 and have chosen to have my entire workflow in the sRGB format from RAW conversion to jpeg. The colour gamut may be limited, but unless you are into fine art stuff where colour match is essential you will not see any difference unless printing to poster sizes and above. Like those above I always use optimum sizes -300ppi sized to fit the image container of choice in Booksmart. I also like to soft proof with the HP Indigo profile, but to be honest the RIP software that the printers use do a pretty good job of matching in my view.

My 8 bit jpegs for Booksmart end up around 5mb each.
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